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If you want to start a brand new belief system, write a book. Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon and created a phenomenally successful new religion. L. Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics and created the Scientology religion. When Adi Da was in still in his early thirties he self-published his spiritual autobiography, The Knee of Listening, and became a God-Man. With modern digital technology, anybody can self-publish a book for instant credibility in order to attract followers. 

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Book Jacket Art Is King

The Internet is hungry for new content about how to create your own belief system by writing a book.  A fictional autobiographical style was employed by Carlos Castaneda in his Tales of Don Juan. The Celestine Prophesy was the semi-fictional autobiographical spiritual adventure of an American entrepreneur in South America. 

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Write, self-publish & promote your own book to establish professional credibility as an expert witness qualified to testify at court in your field.  Pay a professional designer to create the artwork for your book jacket. Get right to the point by providing useful information.

Create Your Own Art Form

Digital technology provides the blank canvas to create a new reality.  Now that I am old it takes too much time and energy to go very far in the physical world of La Cienega Boulevard in West Los Angeles. I am probably a five minute bus ride from some of the most exciting urban centers in the world. I have the luxury of leaving my vehicle parked at my motel so I don’t have to pay for parking in West Hollywood. But I don’t get out very often. I only go out mandatory on Sundays when parking is free in my beloved home town of LA. Everything is on the Internet, that’s why I write this blog.


I like being old and all I want to do is get older.  I am engaged in a love affair with life and the city. I am in love with yoga, steam rooms and a Jacuzzi in El Segundo. My books are all contained in my laptop.

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