God Man of Melrose

Find out what the kids are reading and wearing on Melrose Avenue right now, redesign it, and start selling it back to them as soon as possible, before the fad dies out. Yesterday it was religion, today it’s digital applications. You have to know your market to know your product, and then tailor that product to fit your market perfectly. The key to success is to turn a free luxury item like God into an expensive necessity that only you control. Then you can install yourself as the God Man of Melrose.

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Retail Therapy

The Jewish furriers of late Nineteenth Century New York knew what luxury items people would spend their discretionary income on. That’s how the movie business was eventually born. Those old New York haberdashers knew popular taste and purchasing habits and so they created popular culture to dish out and sell back to them in the form of a five cent nickelodeon adventure for the eyeballs. Kind of like the Internet today, a joyride for your eyeballs. Ultimately people say Adi Da made it on charisma and looks.

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knee of listening

When consciousness revealed itself to Moses as The Burning Bush, Moses immediately put the veil of religion upon it and started charging admission. “God’s Chosen People” was the world’s greatest advertising slogan until beatnik Lew Welch came up with, “Raid Kills Bugs Dead.”  Packaging and promotion are everything. 

When Yogi Bhajan discovered kundalini tantra he put white yoga clothing on it and created a brand new religion in a Melrose Avenue bookstore. Doesn’t that just make you want to say: “Wow man, I coulda’ shoulda’ woulda’ done that!”  It sure does for me. I’m jealous, I want my own Melrose Avenue bookstore religion! 

kriya yoga

The Public Gets What the Public Gets

When Franklin Jones discovered that the flower children wanted a brand new religion he gave it to them.  That’s just one of the many brand new religions that was started from scratch in a Melrose Avenue bookstore. Somewhere somebody else is reinventing, repackaging and reselling the most important thing in the world: God.

How to Become a God Man

Franklin Jones became a God man with words out of his own mouth. I’ve read his autobiography, “The Knee of Listening” and a pursued a few others. Good information. But when I heard Adi Da speak, the torrent of Eastern nihilist analytics simply froze my brain intake manifold with its dense content. Words and words and words. I thought Franklin Jones was kind of a shameless self-promoter who reminded me of myself. I’d rather start my own religion than join his.

young god man
In Garbage and the Goddess Adi Da says that you don’t need a guru and he is retiring from the guru business:
garbage and the goddess bubba free john

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.