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Love Comes From Within

born again love

Are You a “Giver” or a “Taker”?

It is not good citizenship to go looking for external love because it creates friction. Love comes from within. If I take my born again love out into the world and give it away then that will create the love I need.

Springtime feels like creating love to me. Love has transformed me. No longer am I the sad serious little character moping around Primetime AA. Now my life is the blissful solitude of golden silence. Meditation and contemplation are the currency of cosmic consciousness.

Public Writer

Feel the fresh springtime rush of born again love rising up inside of you instead of feeling the tide of the world pressing in. When I was sixteen years old I was very political and worked on the Sam Yorty mayoral re-election campaign. Then I got into writing songs in garage bands and I became my own sensationalist populist political leader of four. After Trump’s election to the presidency I became political again. Right here right now I am waking you up to the power of public writing. Everyone wants to be a public talker but more people should become public writers. Get a blog.

Author Marianne Williamson is running for president of the United States of America. She came to my attention with her book “Return To Love” which is an easier to digest interpretation of the dense tome entitled “A Course In Miracles.” Both books were a major influence upon me and both of these works are essentially messages of love. This April morning dawn of creation is all about born again love. Although I would not cast my precious vote for Marianne I will practice my miraculous return to love by loving my young neighbor who stole my Amazon package Saturday evening. Now I am the proud owner of an androgynous 14 year old mulatto boy.

born again love

Born Again Love

The skate punk kid in the apartment across from me stole my extra large white pocket t-shirts from Amazon. The little varmint was sitting right outside my door when I accepted delivery for my two blue pocket polo shirts from the Amazon delivery man. The young thief has been casing me out and now he knows my buying habits better than a Google bot. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Love Your Flavor

I didn’t put it all together until I saw the photo of my t-shirts outside my door on Saturday evening. At a whopping $14.00 it was the cheapest thing I have ever purchased online. That little thief did me a flavor. Now I will never have a package delivered with easy access to a teenager. I have altered my Amazon delivery preferences with new security instructions and my number.

born again love

A mulatto, an albino

A mosquito, my libido

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

Born Again Mulatto Lover

I love my little mulatto neighbor like I love the mulatto girl in this photo layout. With the miracle of 15 years of sobriety I will never say a word or acknowledge his existence save for security precautions. My little mulatto muse will never know that he is part of my born again love energy this morning.

mulatto muse
Teach Me to Be Authentic Born Again Love

Love God with all your heart and soul and love your neighbor. My miraculous recovery from the emotional disease of alcoholism has been transformed love. God’s Grace has instilled born again love into my humble heart & soul. I Love my little mulatto muse in my white extra large white pocket t-shirts. He is wearing my crisp white t-shirts as he skates by your house casing it out for his first home invasion burglary. Keep your friends close and your androgynous mulatto’s even closer. Join me now as we practice the meditative miracle of born again mulatto love.

mulatto muse