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  Con Man Changes Yoga Names to Create New Revenue  

Indian con man Yogi Bhajan changed the 5,000 year-old name of the yoga asana Down Dog to Triangle Pose so that he could get rich teaching thousands of gullible kundalini yoga students the new name.  Elitist kundalini students don’t practice down dog in regular yoga clothes, kundalini’s wear white and practice triangle pose because they are better than everyone else.  What a big steamin’ loaf of dog dirt.  Yogi Borrow created a lost generation of kids who were born Bhajanist. 

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   Born Bhajanist  

Synthesizer Yogi Bhajan trained a generation who were born Bhajanist to wear turbans, carry daggers and practice a new form of kundalini yoga and a new religion called Sikh Dharma International.  Most of this takes place on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills, California.  These are not your grandfather’s meat-eating Sikhs who assassinated Indira Gandhi.  These are vegetarian neo-Sikh Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainers and Yogi Borrower is their Great Synthesizer.  

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Did you have Kundalini Yogi’s for parents who forced you to be born Bhajanist?  You are not alone.  Now there is help.  Now there is a way for you to contact other children who were forced to wear turbans and engage in kirpan rituals.  Now you can join the Born in Bhajanism forum at The Wacko World of Yogi and commiserate with other Born Bhajanists. 

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  Con Artist Yogi Bhajan Re-Invented Om As 9-sylable Sikh Chant  

Reading these tragic posts from children who were born Bhajanist reinforces things I was always wondering during kundalini yoga classes.  Why are the names of the asanas different in kundalini?  The Bhajanists changed the names of major yoga fundamentals! Con artist Yogi Bhajan lifted-up his leg and pissed on real yoga when he renamed Down Dog the Triangle Pose.  Yogi Bhajan also took the sacred Om and turned it into the nine-syllable Sikh chant heard at the beginning of every Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class.  Bhajanists have synthesized and re-packaged other people’s religions into Bhajanism as a profit making enterprise. 

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In the boarding schools in India where 2nd generation 3HO victims were sent, yoga postures were used as sadistic punishment and torture devices.

Down, Dog!!
The favorite and most commonly used yoga posture to inflict punishment on us was a painful and unnatural variation of Downward Dog, or Adho mukha śvānāsana. This posture is ignorantly referred to as ‘triangle pose’ in Yogi Bhajan’s yoga manuals and by his current ill-informed student teachers. He clearly didn’t actually have a deep respect nor understanding of yoga, or, he wanted to mark his territory on yoga by renaming 5,000 year old asanas.
The original Downward Dog pose consists of distributing body weight evenly between the hands and feet, creating a triangle shape with the hips being the apex.
The sadistic version consisted of children being forced to put their legs up on a wall to redistribute the body weight onto the hands and arms, often times with gravel under the hands.
Then we were forced to stay that way sometimes for as long as 45 minutes baking in the sun, all the while listening to personally aimed derogatory remarks and humiliating commentary by the given authority figure.

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  Kundalini Teacher Training Review  

Yoga West Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is a major impediment to any serious yoga student who wants real yoga and not Sikh religion.  Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan in The Aquarian Teacher is not real kundalini yoga as taught by Saraswati Sivananda.  KYTT is misinformation which is actually hurting yoga as an authentic method of spiritual transformation.  There is some good information in The Aquarian Teacher which has actually improved and transformed my life, however it is all gleaned from other religions and belief systems by the great synthesizer Yogi Borrow.  

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  Kate Felt vs. Yogi Bhajan  

Civil Action No. 0839 HB
(For Fraud and Deceit; Assault and Battery; False Arrest and Imprisonment; Intentional Infliction of Severe Emotional Distress; Violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act; Violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act;
Violation of the Prohibition Against Involuntary Servitude Contained Within the 13th Amendment To The U.S. Constitution and Implementing Legislation; Gross Negligence;
Invasion of Privacy and Civil Conspiracy.)

20. In order to facilitate the expansion, operation and maintenance of his cult, Bhajan has created and operated a number of corporations and associations, including but not limited to the corporate defendants named in this case. These corporations and associations are used, inter alia, as devices through which he has intentionally misrepresented his personal history and background, his education, training, abilities, goals and objectives, as well as the nature, objectives, history and purposes of the various corporations and other associations. This misrepresentation is necessary in order for Bhajan to attract new followers, maintain the loyalty of the followers he already has, obtain the money, property, sex, labor and other assistance he extracts from his born Bhajanist followers, as well as to conceal the true nature, objectives and operations of his organization from those outside the organization.

21. In 1973 Bhajan caused the incorporation of the defendant Sikh Dharma Brotherhood Corporation to occur. This corporation was organized for the ostensible purpose of “teaching the principles of the Sikh Dharma, or way of life, in the Western Hemisphere.” In truth and in fact, defendant Sikh Dharma Brotherhood Corporation was and is used as a vehicle through which Bhajan operates his cult. The Sikh Dharma Brotherhood corporation was and is totally controlled in every respect by Bhajan directly, and is used in every respect for Bhajans own, personal benefit. The Sikh Dharma Brotherhood Corporation was, and always has been, so dominated and controlled by Bhajan that it neither had nor has any independent personality or existence of its own.

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