Old Is Bliss

I Was Born To Be An Old Man

My whole life I have been in love with old things like books, libraries and museums. History reconnects me to my soul. I have a library card for my local public library but with my Catholic study bible, the Internet and Dish TV, I never read the books I have been checking out lately. Technology has coincided with my old age and this has never been a better time to be having your body fall apart. I guess you could say that I have been practicing my whole life to be an old geezer with a computer. I was born to be an old man.

Old Runs In My Family

My dad was also practicing his whole life to be an old man and he did make it to 79 but everyone thought he would go much further than that. My grandfather made it to 99 and the only reason he died was because grandpa broke his hip falling down in my dad’s sunken living room. It was a cold holiday celebration and Grandpa was angrily running to close my dad’s broken front door that never closed properly even though people tried valiantly to close it. Nobody else saw Grandpa fall down, I just heard women gasping and saw the perennially old geezer splayed out upon the floor. Grandpa had to go into a cheap retirement home across from the park in Sunland, California where he passed on a few months later. In my opinion Grandpa would have made it to 105 or so like all of his brothers and sisters before him if not for that broken hip. As a result of seeing what happens to old people I have been practicing the ancient art of yoga and old-school calisthenics for my entire life!

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New Year 2020

My first New Year resolution is to cease feeding meat chunks to the community dog Lucy in the dining hall. My second is to stop eating all deserts, cookies and take-home snacks from the dining hall. My third is to eat from the salad bar as many days as possible at lunch. I have already been practicing all three of these resolutions of and on for the past two or three days. I am enjoying practicing the art of being an old yogi.

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