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Natural Born Bounty Hunter – Domino Harvey (1969 – 2005)

Special Thanks to the Staff & Residents for Making Our Lock Down So Pleasant – We’re all in this together!

Thank you to each and every member of the staff at my retirement community for keeping me safe and sound 24/7 during our pandemic lock down 2020, I would be dead without you. Thank you to all of my fellow residents for sharing the love with me. We are all in this together. Thank you to all of our outside contractors working here as private security guards, nurses and gardeners. Our 33 acre campus looks beautiful because of the gardeners and one of our new security guards made me really appreciate the beautiful trees that I have grown to love here. I never want to leave this luxurious private paradise. It feels really safe to know that not even my favorite shared living resident can no longer sneak up behind me to surprise me for a joke. No one from my past can surprise me in our sumptuous dining hall thanks to the blessing of this lock down. By the Grace of God it should be years before our dining hall is open again to large groups of travelling Ambassadors. Lately I have been having dreams and recollections of dominoes and even Domino Harvey and Tony Scott have been on my mind lately.

A Brief Bio of Domino Harvey

Domino Harvey (August 17, 1969 — June 27, 2005), was the daughter of Academy Award nominated British actor Laurence Harvey and fashion model Paulene Stone. Domino worked briefly as a punkish model in London and hated it. Later in South Los Angeles she worked briefly as a bounty hunter and loved it. She came from a privileged background and since she didn’t need to work for money, the low pay of being a private cop was not a problem for her. Domino lived briefly in an apartment over the garage of her mother’s home in Beverly Hills where she overdosed on fentanyl and died at age 35.

Domino Harvey in South Los Angeles circa mid-1990’s
Kiera Knightly as Domino in the 2005 biographical movie directed by Tony Scott

Low Rider, Go a Little Lower

Domino said that she wasn’t happy with the film version of her life even though she worked on it with director Tony Scott for twelve years. Maybe the real Domino just didn’t like the unreal leather low riders on the Hollywood Domino. Sometimes it is hard for lay people to understand the mechanics of the big budget Hollywood movie. The movie was made to make money, not be a real life TV docudrama. In 2005 low rider jeans were big, therefore, the movie has to contain the coolest low riders on the planet.


In 2004 through 2006, I used to marvel at the low slung hip hugger jeans women were wearing in LA, Malibu and the Valley. Lower and lower the tops of their jeans went, displaying lower and lower stretches of pubic bones. I was privileged to sit around super hot women at meetings during this low rider phase of Western Culture. Otherwise I would have never gotten closer to these jeans than anyone else would at your local Starbucks.

domino harvey's father laurence harvey
Laurence Harvey (October 1, 1928- November 25, 1973)
Quite the resemblance, huh?
domino love

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