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Medieval Religion

I am glad the Sikh’s showed me what a bunch of antagonistic brawlers that they really are. When Adarsh and Dya kicked me out of Kundalini yoga teacher training at Yoga West, that was really God saving me from the medieval religion of Sikhism.  I had already purchased my special white religious garments and was ready to become a wuwu guru. I paid my $3,400 and was ready to sign up for the whole Kundalini lifestyle. Now I find out that Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan contains a bunch of irrelevant, outdated, superstitious medieval practices like requiring a knife be worn?

medieval religion

Thank You For Your Sick Sikh Hate

I’m glad that Adarsh and Dya decided to make an enemy out of me because I would not want to be a member of the violent Sikh religion. I’m lucky I didn’t end up in the middle of a Sikh brawl like the one outside Indianapolis this week. Indignant Indians In Indianapolis, Indiana. This article is a call for a national boycott of the violent Sikh religion.

El Segundo Saturday

I came to LA to ramp my yoga practice up a few levels and I was extremely successful. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. I have become much more aware of who I am as a person and what I want. Currently I am practicing yoga in the steam room at the Bay Club in El Segundo, California. I have learned more about yoga at the Bay Club than at Yoga West. Yoga studios are not friendly places for men. I like practicing yoga alone. I like peace and quiet.

adarsh kaur khalsa

No Religion Sunday

I am an expert on cool churches in Los Angeles and the entire State of California and I haven’t set foot inside of a church in about a year. The last church I was at was Catholic and the first church I was ever at was Catholic. I think I may just leave it that way. The Southern California beach is a type of church for me. So are the mountains and the desert. Before man fucked everything up with religion, you didn’t need a church. You still don’t need a church. You don’t need a bunch of women with steeley knives looking for a man to blame. 

medieval religion


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.