Say hello to my new battery operated boyfriend. The anal vibrator is the new boyfriend experience. Nice work if you can get it. Finding gay men that are high quality takes a little time and effort. Finding a boyfriend for a relationship means sorting through a lot of options before you find the right masculine man who is totally available. You may find a good looking stud who is great at everything except kissing. If you are the beautiful one in the relationship and you are not getting your needs met then it is time to move on to something better. Boyfriend in, boyfriend out.

If you want to find relationship grade partners then you need to create a good gay personal profile. This entire website is part of my public relations campaign to find professional gay entrepreneurs and businessmen in the Coachella Valley. It works. 

I’m Looking for the Athletic Boyfriend Experience Not the Queer Camp Experience

Finding gay men by becoming a community resource is what blogging is all about. What I am really discovering by all of my attempts at finding gay community is that I don’t really enjoy gay community that much. So what I am doing is the same thing Barry Shoenfeld is doing with Barry is splintering off from CMEN and CMG to create his own little method of finding gay men for fun and profit. I want to start my own little gay naked yoga community. I want to start any gay community that does not involve drag. I want to be around gay men who have worked on themselves and are not broken little boys prancing about in their mommy’s pumps and dresses. Been there, done that . . . NEXT!

Finding a Boyfriend is an Art Form

Finding a boyfriend on the Internet is a science and an art form. Is this getting through to you? Blasting out these articles in the early morning hours before doing my personal legal work. The Last Living Trust. Or something like that. The Last Probate Case. Now I will sign off to purchase and install Touch Screen on my PC so I can transfer my messages and date from my iPhone to my PC for the trial in a month. Remember, find a boyfriend and a relationship to heal your gay soul.