#Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

Suicides of Three #Me Too Accusers

Three celebrities involved in making allegations of sexual abuse have recently committed suicide before any resolution of their claims.   Tony Bourdain, Jill Messick and Psalm Isadora have taken their own lives before any criminal convictions have been obtained in the lives they have called attention to.  In a desperate attempt to find a meaningful blog topic on this fall equinox evening, this is what came up.  This is my First Annual Fall Equinox Blog to celebrate no longer paying to take yoga classes!  

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Is This a Three Way Karma Call?

Brietbart author John Nolte first made the connection between the suicides of Bourdain and Messick, which are directly related to the current #me too movement.  I added the third which is not a pure #me too claim.  The purpose of this article was to hastily publish something on the 22nd to capture the energy of Fall Equinox.  I may or may not flesh this idea out later on in another blog.  Happy Equinox!

SUICIDE ONE | In June of 2018, 61-year-old Anthony Bourdain — celebrity chef, world traveler, and boyfriend of #MeToo heroine Asia Argento, hanged himself in a five-star French hotel.  By doing so, he quit a great job on CNN without even giving notice.  Bourdain did however make a few social media posts joking about what Harvey Weinstein would be eating in prison.  Sex crimes and prison are not funny.  

SUICIDE TWO | In February of 2018, 50-year-old Jill Messick, a one-time talent representative for #MeToo heroine Rose McGowan, took her own life.  This is how the male bashing bandwagon got started.  Now women everywhere want to hold somebody accountable. 

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SUICIDE THREE | In March of 2017, 42-year-old Psalm Isadora, a tantric sex guru raised in a Christian cult who accused her father of sexually abusing her as a child, hanged herself.  Psalm is one of the people who has inspired me to live a chaste and spiritual lifestyle.  If you want to experience spirit and miracles, you must live a spiritual life.  If you are an international sexual superstar then you have to live a sexual life.  My need to live in the gross and instinctual world has been transcended and sublimated. 

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Smarter Around Equinox

Does your brain perk up around autumnal equinox?  Mine does.  Now I have corroboration.  A recently published medical study explains why you may have increased cognitive abilities in the fall.  It is Saturday night and my brain is so sharp that I am sitting at home analyzing the relationship between three celebrity suicides.  Normally at this hour I would be watching YouTube instead of blogging.  Because it is fall, my cognition is working overtime.  

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Unfinished Equinox Story

When Dr Allen and I first met, I was living at the beach in my RV with my German shepherd.  When our relationship ended Dr Allen started a relationship with a homeless couple.  The good doctor said that he wanted to have sex with both a man and a woman again.  We still went out together occasionally and it was all very sexually educational for me.  For a long time one of the best sex parties in Los Angeles was the now defunct Andy’s Cocktail Party, venued in a dinky two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood.  One equinox when I was literally upside down in another man’s arms, Dr Allen dragged me off of him and insisted that we leave because we were “not equal”.  

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Earlier, when we first arrived at Andy’s Dr Allen immediately went into the playroom and got his sexual needs serviced.  I was gracefully eating dinner with a refined gentleman who informed me that he wanted to perform oral sex upon me and penetrate me. Dr Allen came into the dining room after sex and wolfed down his dinner in his usual  fast eating style.  My new acquaintance took me into the play room and thrummed my love button open.  

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