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PROPAGANDA 101: Sell It With Keywords

Brain Search Keyword Blog:

This is my quick start post about creating your multimedia propaganda using keywords. Every blog must have a keyword as an index term. I have already used “brain” alone as a KW in a previous article and so the new KW for this blog is brain search.” The keyword “brain search” must be used in at least 1% of this article in order to properly index on search engines. This is called SEO or search engine optimization. This website is optimized for searches related to body, mind and soul consciousness. 

WHAT’S THE POINT? The goal is that when you search the word “brain search” followed by other keywords relevant to this site, this article will be on page one of Google.

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Propaganda, Public Relations and Sales & Marketing all mean the same thing.

How many people are going to type the bizarre term “brain search” into their search terms?  Probably zero or less . . .

The point is that every article must have a key word that optimizes your website for the search engines.  Sometimes you have to make up strange key words like “brain search”. This website is for people searching for information on brain related topics such as higher consciousness, emotional quotient and liberated sexuality, as well as website design and original content creation.

All of this will work to together and synergize to help this site rank higher and higher on Google for topics such as emotional intelligence and spiritual healing.

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Engage your brain with real socialization instead of fake social media.

People Search

My brain is becoming so socially skilled living in the small resort town of Palm Springs that I have women from my lunch hour scene calling my name: “Hello Dean” in the park at six a.m. These are people I meet in real life during lunch hour with piano player at my local senior center. Socializing and making small talk about the weather over lunch is an important emotional health resource.

The Holy Spirit has me reinventing my life. Spirit has me pounding out these blogs to influence you to open up my brain. Socializing with real people in real life is more important than socializing on computers. I am doing real socialization instead of fakebook socialization. I have been living without feminine energy in my life and now I am feeling reconnected to my little town and my big world. 

fakebook friends
Fakebook Friends


I am treating this blog like it is my Facebook page just rambling on about the power of the brain on a Tuesday morning. Most of the gifs posted on this website are born in the Internet with no text. Therefore one of the purposes of this website is to give all of these beautiful animated gifs a home. This blog gives contextual meaning to many homeless animated gifs.


Brain work gives our lives transcendental meaning. I was never the kind of person that relished working a 9 to 5 job. I need to perform the tasks that require much more than that. I am becoming the character that I was always supposed to be. I am out here in the digital wilderness encouraging you to open up your brain to the power of cosmic connection to the universe.

brain work
Work Heals the Soul

Web Evolution

Eight years ago my web guru MK told me that I would be on Facebook promoting this website with posts about grabbing a latte at Starbucks. What MK was talking about is posting trivial and banal information. In a way he is right. Here I am creating spontaneous Jack Kerouac blogging.

tolerance for enlightenment
Sell it With Religion . . . Right?

Now it is time for me to take a shower and eat breakfast. Then I will have some coffee. Then I will choose a new keyword to blog about. Have you used your divine brain to create slightly interesting original web content this morning?

big brains

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