brave new world

Big Brother

Welcome to My Brave New World

This morning the security guard said to me: “Welcome to the brave new world” as I was walking past him outside the guard shack. He was standing there with his clipboard checking off vehicles as they arrived and departed early this morning. “Yeah big brother” I mumbled and laughed through the work-out towel I was holding over my mouth and nose. I continued on my usual morning exercise path without breaking stride. Thank you to our stellar security department for providing me with a much needed idea to blog about this morning.

Please Video Me 24/7 For My Own Protection

From now on I am living my life as if my every waking moment is videographed. We have recently added two new wireless cameras to the array we already have on the security system at our 33 acre paradise.

One of the new cameras is directly outside my window and has a perfect angle for my entire living space when my drapes and back door are opened up all the way. I am all in favor of security cameras. Cameras and more cameras are the solution. Big brother can even install another camera outside my front door if he wants. If anybody tries to pin anything on me there will be plenty of video of me in the frequent flyer lounge near the parking lot.

brave new world
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