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Breath of Fire

Real Kundalini yoga practice means breath of fire. Rapidly bellowing the navel in and out to the spine while holding the arms up in the air, chanting & meditating. Always meditating. Breath of fire is the most advanced and therapeutic meditation technology I have practiced in over forty years of mindfulness. Breath healing is right up there with chakra balancing as a top tier healing modality. Practicing breath of fire is difficult work that yields solid healing results.

Breath of fire

My core is strong and hard from pumping my stomach, lungs and diaphragm during breath of fire. My strong body temple houses a strong and focused mind that is right here, right now.  

Connecting to the infinite, I pour out my ridiculously infantile grievances as adult tears upon my yoga mat. Laughing and crying as I watch myself stomp my feet & shake my fist-demanding that my tribe validates my childhood based disappointments. I steadfastly murder the defective defense mechanism known as Dean’s personality.


The power of practicing Kundalini yoga is how it exponentially increases the depth of my meditation experience. Real yoga is breathing and meditating with intention. My intention is to be here. Here becomes a deeper and bigger inner experience. My meditative mind, simran, begins to stay with me more and more throughout my day.  

Meditation teacher

My ego had to get my body strong with hatha yoga so that my soul could get my spirit strong with Kundalini yoga’s extreme focus on sitting & meditating while practicing Breath of Fire. My five meditation classes a week at Yoga West are disciplining my meditation practice. The Kundalini sitting-dominant kriyas are actually a great total body work out. I had to take a yoga day off for a two hour nap after breakfast today.

Tomorrow will be a big Yoga Halloween for me as I will go to my usual morning class, stay in the city all day, and go to a second class in the evening. Two classes in one day will be a first for me. I need to commit to getting my value out of my unlimited membership now that the astounding heat wave is finally over. 

Breath of fire meditation




By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.