Yoga Made My Dick Bigger

Yoga Breathing Development Enhanced My Recovery From Heart Surgery

heart development

My first moment of consciousness upon waking up from the anaesthesia after emergency triple bypass surgery was the doctor’s voice intoning: “Dean, I have done everything I can for you, now it is up to you, only you can do the next part, you have to breath in and out deeply and cough out the junk that your lungs are producing as a natural part of your surgical recovery.”  By the grace of God, breathing development work was already an important part of my life in the years preceding my near-fatal heart attack.


I made breathing my entire world in that moment. I was hooked up to machines that fed me, breathed for me and expelled my waste, so I wasn’t going anywhere anyway. My consciousness became the moment five years earlier when yoga teacher Josie Kramer got me to open up to ujjayi breathing in Culver City. Meditating with years of Joel S. Goldsmith inside my heart, lungs and soul, I made breathing and coughing my love song of recovery. Praying into perfect Christ Consciousness, my heart was removed, rebuilt and reinstalled in the City of Brotherly Love.  

heart development

Breathing is painful after heart surgery because your chest has just been sawed open and then wired shut again. Most of your breathing is still being done automatically by a machine in those first few days. You have to learn how to breath on your own again. The recovery process requires the patient to cough and expel mucous and other matter to clear the lungs. As is my usual way, I followed doctor’s orders perfectly and made a swift recovery. This is the two-year anniversary date of my dance with death in Philadelphia and I have made a full recovery, thanks in large part to the pure clean desert air of Palm Springs. I wonder what’s waiting for me in Paris?  

My self-inflicted coronary artery disease is from stress, not diet or lack of exercise.  My kundalini yoga practice has enabled me to speed and enhance my recovery from heart surgery mainly because of my breathing development.  Rethinking my breathing has facilitated development of my body, mind and soul. Plus my dick got bigger . . . 

Breathing Development Made My Penis Larger

Breathing development made all of the blood vessels in my body larger, especially in my appendages as manifested by my new muscular yogi toes. My new bulging blood vessels make my feet, hands and forearms look like anatomical sculptures. Breathing is a muscle group just like arms and hands. Practicing deep breathing and the work of Wilhelm Reich have helped me to strengthen my diaphragm, lungs and every organ associated with breathing. A lot of my experiential work in developing breathing and sexuality was learned by working with Core Energetics practitioners like Dr. McDuff and his shamanic entourage.  

penis development

My penis has also developed much larger blood vessels and thick, rich, lustrous skin tone. Although factors other than yoga such as my healthy diet, Himalayan pink salt and regular sleep habits play a major role, breathing development really made my cock bigger. My organ is plumper, fuller and weightier now. My dick looks fat, heavy and pendulous. My dick actually swings now! 

My new big swinging dick makes me feel rich and powerful. My new cock makes me feel good. Plus I look really great at Palm Springs gay nude resorts and pool parties where I get lots of attention from big masculine men. My only regret in life is that I do not have before and after photographs of this miracle of engorgement leading to enlargement of enlightenment. Good thing for me that you simply cannot fake real yoga and real yoga is breathing so become a juicy breather by breathing bigger . . . 

breathing development

Breath In, Breath Out

Check out this rockin’ 1991 live cover of George Michael’s Father Figure by LA band School of Fish:

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean over educated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.