Free Over-the-Counter Emotional Medicine

Deep Breathing Practice is Medicine

My sexologist taught me to develop a deep breathing practice to become a better lover. We did tantric breathing exercises together. One of the principles of Core Energetics is to become a “juicy breather.” Deep breathing is like free medicine. If you want to live an extraordinary life, become an extraordinary breather.

sensual breathing practice
Become a deep, juicy breather

Breath Control is Emotional Control

Controlling my emotions by syncronizing my breathing practice into a slow and steady full in and out inhalation and exhalation has changed my life in the past ten years. My voice used to be shrill and brittle. Now I am consciously aware of my voice and try to control my volume. Today at lunch I could sense myself getting a little over animated with my lunch buddies. The purpose of writing this article is to remind myself to breath at lunch. I need to remember to breath in social situations like I breath during my yoga practice. Social practice, yoga practice.

Social Breathing Practice

While writing this article I am breathing fully and deeply. Writing practice, breathing practice. I am on my way to developing a unique blogging genre. You are witnessing the sexual and spiritual development of a gay Catholic mystic. I will practice breathing like a Catholic mystic. My breathing practice has changed my physical, spiritual and emotional body. My penis actually got larger, both flaccid and erect.

White Tantra Breathing Practice

My sexologist also taught me to breath through the urge to sexually climax by coaching me with words like: “Hold your seed.” By learning to withhold actual ejaculation I have learned how to become multi-orgasmic. This is also called “edging.” I experience an orgasmic state in my entire body for thirty to forty minutes without ejaculation. This has enabled me to experience a constant state of ogasmic level awe and wonder as I experience the mystical Body of Christ.