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Only The Paranoid Survive

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Brett Zebrowski Undercover Investigations Has Made Me Paranoid Long Enough

It is time to liberate myself from the heart-stopping paranoia that has gripped me for the past ten years. My two-year contract with Verizon is over and I can get rid of my mobile phone number and all of the unsolicited offers I have been getting due to former LAPD Chief of Robbery/Homicide David Doan’s use of me as as a subject for his confidential informant operation he has been running with semi-legitimate business men such as Brett Zebrowski for the past ten years. It is as if Chief Doan is operating an undercover investigation school and I am the unwitting intern. I am no longer advertising in the competitive world of paralegal services but that doesn’t stop investigators like Brett Zebrowski from texting me offering “security” work. Whose security are we talking about I wonder?

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Brett Zebrowski Telling Us Something Important

Mr. Zebrowski is the “MO” tivated confidential informant agency who will obtain “mo” results than any other undercover investigation. Brett has established his cover identity as a Manhattan Beach, California real estate broker and no one will ever suspect that he is actually a confidential informant working under cover for your investigation also.

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Are you a small law enforcement agency interested in hiring qualified undercover investigators? Brett Zebrowski Confidential Informants, Inc. is an experienced detective agency available to assist in your criminal investigations. Brett has access to confidential informants working in all kinds of businesses. Brett can put together a team for legal persecution of just harassment if that is what you need.

Marcus Keith Was Right

Marcus Keith tried to tell me years ago that it was the Illuminati that were after me but I refused to believe it. Actually it was much more than the Illuminati and Marcus was only half-right. It was the Illuminati and and several other large modern organizations. The important thing is that I was paranoid then and now I am just amazed and relieved. I am astounded that the whole thing was so big and it went on for so long and I am still alive to tell the tale.

The blogger known legally as Dean Keith McAdams is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact: It only seems complicated but actually life is very simple: "God and I are One, not two."
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