Dear Palm Springs Councilperson JR Roberts:

You Gay Blowhards Really Suck!

When I emailed you questions about your fraudulent UCLA credentials you asked me what my “agenda” was. Were you insinuating that I may be attempting to extort some type of blackmail payment from you?  Disreputable politicians like you who are prone to corruption must get a lot of offers from blackmailers. Who owns Councilman JR Roberts? 

You probably attract the type of blackmailing parasite that used to extort hush-money from homosexuals back when sodomy was still illegal. Now that gay marriage is legal those same parasites are probably blackmailing gay men for political corruption or copulation with a child under the age of 14 years.  

Have you ever, or are you now being blackmailed for misrepresentation of your UCLA credentials?  What exactly did you mean when you asked me what my “agenda” was?  I asked you a few simple questions about the information on your official City of Palm Springs resume and you asked me what my “agenda” was.  That sounds really gay sir. 

Letter to Joe Matthews: Response to Your Editorial Opinion That LA Should Drop It’s 2024 Olympic Bid Because It Will Create Corruption

Dear Mr. Matthews:

Your opinion letter is long-winded, confusing and reads as if it were an actual news article in the Palm Springs Desert Sun predicting crime and corruption if Los Angeles hosts the 2024 Olympics instead of Paris is very un-American. You are a fear-mongering yellow journalist. If you don’t want two-week, world-class events in Los Angeles then please just move all the way out of California thank you very much. That’s just really negative to print hateful speech like that.

You want LA to drop its Olympic bid but what do you offer in return?  The Desert Sun is always quick to blame Los Angeles for every little problem in the entire world. Why don’t you write about the urban problems right here in the desert? What about the current crime wave of bribery and corruption right here in Palm Springs? Your newspaper is a shill for flim flam man JR Roberts and his so-called “Modernism Week.”