Can you be suspended from the brotherhood of Freemasonry?

The only way you can be expelled from Freemasonry is after being convicted at trial by a civil or criminal court and then also subsequently convicted by a Masonic trial at the Grand Lodge of California in San Francisco. You can be suspended for nonpayment of Masonic dues, but you cannot be expelled for nonpayment of dues. “A Lodge is not held together with steel bands, but by the silken ties of brotherhood, woven of interest, friendliness, good times, wholesome fraternal intercourse.” –

Social Graces

It has been almost a week since I tried to return to my duly tiled Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons. The Master of the Lodge has not responded to my email. Sometimes my Lodge scares me. I had no idea what Freemasonry was all about. I just joined without looking. Perhaps I should have spent a little more time concentrating on the social graces. I wonder what surprises my Lodge has in store for me.

Last Wednesday night I showed up for the State Meeting after an eleven year absence. I was informed that I must RSVP. If my dues are current can I be prevented from attending Lodge?

Can you be expelled from Freemasonry?

You can only be expelled from your Lodge if you are convicted by a trial at the Grand Lodge of California. If you are convicted of a crime in state or federal court, you must then be tried in a proceeding at Grand Lodge in San Francisco. If you cannot afford an attorney, and you are not a paralegal experienced at defending yourself in criminal court, then you may be in big trouble. How many Masonic trials are there at the Grand Lodge of California every year? Nobody knows for sure because it is one of the many secrets of the Freemasons.

If you are expelled from Freemasonry do you lose your Masonic retirement home benefits?

Not if you are already a resident of the Home. Not if you are already a client of a Masonic Senior Outreach Service and not if you are 65 years old or older. Once you become an official senior citizen, you are protected by Adult Protective Services. Who is going to kick you out of a charity program for nonpayment of dues? Nobody. That would be pointless.

Adult Protective Services

Abusing, abandoning, or neglecting a senior is just a serious as abusing a minor, except worse. Minors do not have laws protecting their finances because they have no finances. Seniors have laws protecting their financial interests. If you are over age 65 and anyone gives you any problems, you can call Adult Protective Services. APS is designed to bypass the courts because seniors have special rights under the law.

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