The bilateral stimulation of EMDR can alter brain states in a manner similar to that seen during REM sleep.

The so-called royal family has never appealed to me. When I had cable TV, I would always tune the royals out. Royalty is a scam in my opinion. I have never watched, listened to, or read very much about Prince Harry and his wife. The first time I even heard his voice is when I saw him demonstrating the bilateral stimulation of EMDR.

For publicizing eye movement desensitizing and reprocessing (EMDR), the little prince deserves a blog from me, and that is the highest compliment that I could ever pay to anyone.

This YouTube video contains a priceless demonstration of an Inside Edition producer demonstrating a simplified version of EMDR.

The Butterfly Technique as Self-Therapy

The Prince Harry video is the first time that I have ever seen EMDR practiced without the patient being guided by an EMDR therapist. The Inside Edition producer is simply told to think of a mildly disturbing image and begin the butterfly tapping. She is not even instructed to move her eyeballs back and forth.

In this video Harry moves his eyes back and forth while doing the butterfly tapping.

If someone who can afford the best mental health treatment in the world is practicing EMDR, what does that say?

Let’s just take it for granted that Prince Harry can probably afford the best psychiatric treatment in the world. If the psychologists hired by the little prince are using EMDR then it must be effective therapy. I cannot say enough about the healing effects of this healing modality.

In my own case, EMDR has transformed me into a totally different person. My whole life people said that I was like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. I never found a way out of my infantile trauma until I began EMDR therapy eighteen months ago. In March of 2020, I got into big trouble for flying into an infantile rage and throwing soup on someone. The good news is that my acting out got me into EMDR therapy.

Just like the well-heeled little prince, I was very fortunate to have this resource available to me. Most importantly, my mind is open enough to take advantage of EMDR therapists and books.

trauma - the body keeps the score
EMDR is so new and evolving that Dr. van der Kolk does not even mention self-inducing bilateral stimulation using the Butterfly technique in his 2014 N.Y. Times bestseller, The Body Keeps the Score:

Dreams help to forge new relationships between apparently unrelated memories. Seeing novel connections is the cardinal feature of creativity; as we’ve seen, it’s also essential to healing. The inability to recombine experiences is also one of the striking features of PTSD. Traumatized people are trapped in frozen associations: Anybody who wears a turban will try to kill me; any man who finds me attractive wants to rape me.

Finally, Strickgold suggests a clear link between EMDR and memory processing in dreams: If the bilateral stimulation of EMDR can alter brain states in a manner similar to that seen during REM sleep then there is now good evidence that EMDR should be able to take advantage of sleep-dependent processes, which may be blocked or ineffective in PTSD sufferers, to allow effective memory processing and trauma resolution. The basic EMDR instruction, “Hold that image in your mind and just watch my fingers moving back and forth,” may very well reproduce what happens in the dreaming brain.The Body Keeps the Score, p. 263 (2014)

bilateral stimulation eye movement desensitizing reprocessing

The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, is an excellent resource on EMDR and trauma. This book is so important to me that I actually purchased my own copy. I rarely buy books. I live in a studio apartment on a fixed income. I keep my living room spacious in order to practice hatha yoga. So I check out four to five books per week from the public library, usually digital copies.

I have written four or five blogs based upon The Body Keeps the Score. However it does not mention using the Butterfly technique to self-induce bilateral stimulation. EMDR is so new that it is evolving as I write these words after watching YouTube videos of the little prince with Oprah.

EMDR is what the world needs now

In my opinion, eye movement desensitizing and reprogramming is just what the angry, lonely, hurting people of the planet need right now. EMDR is the next big thing!

bilateral stimulation using eye movement desensitizing and reprogramming
What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. GIF image credit: