Why Would Someone Go to a Party Hosted by a Convicted Felon?

Because He Throws Wild Parties – WARNING EXPLICIT IMAGES OF CMEN

California Men Enjoying Naturism West Coast Gathering 2021

September 23, 2021 UPDATE: The name of California Men Enjoying Naturism has been changed to Community of Men Enjoying Naturism

It has recently come to my attention that this organization is now known as Community of Men Enjoying Naturism, instead of California Men Enjoying Naturism.

Some men may be unaware that convicted pedophile John Herriot is behind some of the hottest gay sex parties in California. Every Labor Day Weekend John Herriot puts on the equivalent of a gay Burning Man in SoCal. Some guys attend a California Men Enjoying Naturism West Coast Gathering to dress up in drag and other’s go because all they want to do is have sex all day and night.

CMEN West Coast Gathering 2021

Although most of the attendees self-identify as gay or homosexual, there are also many bisexuals present. There are even a few self-identifying heterocentric individuals who just like to be where the action is. Due to the pandemic lock-down the 2020 West Coast Gathering was cancelled but you still may be able to attend in 2021 if in fact that event does take place next year.

California Men Enjoying Naturism West Coast Gathering 2021

Attendees May Be Unaware That California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) is Run by Registered Child Sex Offender John Herriot

The CMEN West Coast Gathering August 20-29, 2021 is such a great food and lodging deal that many attendees don’t even care if CMEN founder John Herriot is a registered child sex offender. There is nothing else like the CMEN West Coast Gathering 2021 for over-the-top gay sexuality. CMEN has created it’s own brand of gay culture that will probably not be able to exist in the post-coronavirus world. If you are a psychologist or sex researcher you may want to consider attending this event for educational purposes.

who is john k herriot of california men enjoying naturism
Operators Like Herriot Should Serve as a Reminder to Google All of Your Acquaintances

My only regret in life is that I did not Google “john herriot” in 2015 when he started spreading lies about me. Mr. Herriot misrepresented that there was a restraining order against me concerning this blog. He caused me a lot of problems in Palm Springs and so I am compelled to write this blog to set the story straight. There never was any restraining order against me. I explained to Herriot that there never was any restraining order but he refused to believe me. Finally in November of 2016 right before the election I Googled Herriot’s name and found out about his conviction. And so I published my own citizen issued restraining order against Mr. Herriot . . .

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