HAVE A FEW: Havasu Regrets

Gay California sex offender Jeff Cowan regrets moving to Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Rue. Regret. Remorse. Of course homosexual California criminal Jeffrey R. Cowan regrets moving to Havasu. Cowan must feel gut-wrenching remorse for fleeing degenerate Cathedral City for the redneck tourist trap of Havasu. Blue state native Jeffrey Cowan’s eyeballs must be bleeding green tears of sorrow for relocating. Mr. Cowan is finally receiving some good old-fashioned red state justice and it is proving to be very expensive and time consuming. Jeff Cowan and his registered sex offender crime partners are never going to be truly happy homosexuals in Havasu.

The purpose of writing this blog is to warn blue state criminals that they may regret moving to a law & order red state like Arizona. Don’t make the same mistake Cowan did. Cop haters like Jeff Cowan are unwelcome in a conservative demographic such as Havasu. If your intention is to fight with cops then you may want to consider moving to someplace like Minneapolis, Minnesota or Portland, Oregon.

Jeff Cowan is not the type of responsible adult man who is accustomed to being held accountable for his criminal actions. It took the conservative state of Arizona to finally get gay sex offender Jeff Cowan into judicially ordered criminal mental health court. It is very satisfying to know that mental illness treatment is mandatory in the state of Arizona. My faith in justice has been restored. California should have mental health courts.

Keeping up with Cowan means keeping up with criminal mental health law

Keeping up with the criminal exploits of Justin Syfers, Kami Roebuck, Jeff Cowan, John Herriot and the CMEN Community of California Men Enjoying Pedophilia is like taking continuing education legal classes. Arizona Mental Health Court law is all new to me and I like it. My belief in justice is preserved by knowing that Jeff is under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Mental Health Court until November 18, 2024. If Jeff is still alive at that time, he will be 70 years-old.

If Jeff regrets moving to the middle of nowhere now, he will really rue his relocation when he is a decrepit old man in need of geriatric health care. Cowan is already elderly with bad knees. Havasu is depressingly isolated from the rest of Arizona when it comes to essential medical amenities & social and entertainment amenities.

Betty White wanted to pass her final years in her beloved home in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. But because Los Angeles is the center of the universe where everything is located, Ms. White passed a few miles from my apartment in West L.A. Smart old geezers live where there are lots of world renowned doctors and state of the art medical facilities. Betty White almost lived to be 100 years old!

One of the many regrets that law abiding people post about moving to the middle of nowhere is the lack of quality medical providers. Apparently, doctors in Havasu do not meet the same standard of care as physicians in Phoenix, Tucson or Vegas. Jeff Cowan is going to regret leaving his California psychiatrist and moving to the end of the world in a bipolar manic episode.

regrets moving to havasu because doctors do not care about people

Does Jeff Cowan Have Any Other Regrets?

I kind of miss following Jeff on Facebook now that he deleted his account. Cowan gave me so many incredible images to appropriate for this website. I would like to ask Jeff a question in this blog. Does Jeffrey Cowan regret falsely claiming that there was a restraining order against me?

Does Cowardly Cowan regret enlisting Danny Wellchance to assist in the theft of my Nissan Sentra, Lenovo laptop and flat screen TV?

Does Jeff Cowan regret stealing my irreplaceable data files? Stealing my priceless data is my motivation to use this blog to reach out a crucify Jeff Cowan and cause him to regret engaging in any type of criminal conduct.

TOTAL REMORSE: Cowan will be a level 1 category sex offender until 2036. If still alive he would be 82 years-old.
Havasu crime does not pay

Thank you to the state of Arizona Mental Health Court Mandate Ordered return date of November 18, 2024 for criminal defendant Jeff Cowan. It is comforting to know that justice will prevail and Mr. Cowan will receive the psychotherapy and behavioral modification treatment that he so desperately needs.

Jeff Cowan will rue the day, he ran to Lake Havasu to play

The beleaguered citizens of the Golden State would like to thank Arizona for taking Jeff Cowan off of our crime rolls and adding him to yours. Crime statistics for Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are decreasing already. Hopefully Jeff Cowan will be trapped in his own private Havasu for the rest of his life and never set foot in California again. Would the good people of Arizona like California to ship out a few more stark raving lunatics?

jeff cowan regrets moving to havasu

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.