Con Artist Trump

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Dump Trump

November 3, 2018 UPDATE|  2106 was the first election I never voted in.  It was intentional.  Not voting was a truly subversive act.   I was living in Palm Springs and I didn’t want to drive to Los Angeles to vote.  In retrospect, I would have voted for that vile cunt Hillary to try and save us from Trump.

Voting Donald Trump into office is a truly subversive act.  Trump is an independent criminal and not part of the bureaucratic elite.  Trump is a focused thief and that is why this California yogi supports impeachment of Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces. My specialty is eschatology, or the ending of things. Trump will bring about the end of the world. Trump is giving people something to believe in. America needs to come out swinging and fight fire with fire. As a California yogi I supported every move by Commander and President Obama as is everyone’s duty. Once someone has been duly elected President every American owes a duty of loyalty to the President of the Republic. However in the case of Donald Trump my opinion is that impeachment has become a necessity.   

California Yogi For Action

What action? I don’t know just please bring me something. I like the way Bernie Sanders mind works and he’s probably smarter than Donald Trump but I have heard that professional politician spiel from our last eight years of socialism under Obama. I voted for Obama twice because I wanted change and now I am not voting. Donald Trump is a proven con artist who owes the country a huge debt.

A California Yogi Transmutes Energy

The current emotional energy of the desert is on high. A human being is a receiver of energy. Primordial radiant breathing energy and meditation. Where do you put your yogic energy? My local humanoid companions are going to a pool party. I am writing this blog. Protesters are out in the streets signing songs and carrying signs, mostly say “hooray for out side” I think it’s time we stop now what’s that sign everybody look what’s going on. What a field day for the heat. Thousands of Donald Trump protesters in the street. Now law enforcement has a reason for existence and Trump gets billions of dollars in free advertising.