employee of the millennium

camera employee

for surveillance purposes a camera employee is a much better investment than a human employee

Now that the pandemic lock down has decimated your company you deserve some relief for your bleeding bottom line. Today’s digital camera employee can record high quality audio and video in real time. This high quality documentation can greatly reduce your operating expenses by eliminating expensive and unreliable human labor.

A camera employee is a much better investment that a human employee. Law enforcement professionals will testify in court that they would much prefer security camera footage of a crime over unreliable eye witnesses. This is because human witnesses are fallible witnesses. Two different people will never experience or remember an event in the exact same manner.

Humans will sometimes change their stories but a camera with high quality audio can never lie. Get smart and get more and more electronic employees for your organization.

camera employee

eliminate human turnover by using permanent electronic employees

No security camera has ever been fired for sleeping on the job. Watching the employee turnover at my organization makes me dizzy. I don’t bother falling in love with any of the staff so than when they suddenly disappear I will not get my heart broken. The only employee that stays the same now is the recently installed high tech camera and antenna system on the lamp pole outside of my apartment.

It has been a few days now since our gardener Adolphe Cognac left his job for “personal reasons” and I am noticing his absence. Not for his gardening but for his sudden lack of presence. Only now that Adolphe is gone do I notice his lack of presence outside of my apartment watering the occasional light green spot in the dark green lush grass.

There is much more important watering that needs to be done. The hedges on the fence are withering away and the trees are also dying from lack off water. A huge dead pine branch fell on Brother S.’s apartment next door the other day and it appears to be drought related. I myself water the grass sometimes because it is so relaxing. We have three full-time contract gardeners from a third-party vendor that work really hard doing heavy gardening.

I’m thinking that the expense of an permanent employee gardener watering my grass while keeping me under surveillance has got to be expensive. Now that our only permanent “gardener” is gone he could be replaced by more accurate sprinkler deployment and more state-of-the-art digital real time recording. Better watering, better surveillance, cheaper operating costs.

camera employee
upgrade your existing system with high quality audio and high tech sprinklers for greener grass and better surveillance through electronics
be prepared for the unknown by being vigilant using electronic helpers

By Dean K. McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.