Guilt By Association

Camp Shalom Legitimizes Pedophilia

Camp Shalom legitimizes pedophilia by providing John Herriot and his associates with a venue in which to cavort naked for two weeks over Labor Day in Malibu, CA.  When Herriot filed his frivolous invasion of privacy lawsuit against this blog he claimed that just because he and Jeff Calvert are not actually having sex in public with boys under 14 at the CMEN Fall Gathering that this proves he is not a pedophile. Of course there is no open child sex at the actual gathering. Gay child sex traffickers are much too criminally sophisticated to do something stupid like have sex with kids where they can be easily busted.

camp Shalom Legitimizes pedophilia

Camp Shalom legitimizes pedophilia by providing a venue for Rick Boehle to present his so-called non-sexual leather fetish workshops for twelve year-olds. Law enforcement resources are spread so thin these days that Herriot’s Boy Lover Club can operate with impunity in the vast and lawless California desert at Herriot’s Starland Retreat or Camp JCA Shalom Malibu.

school teacher pedophile

The CMEN Gathering is a terrible influence on children

Camp Shalom legitimizes pedophilia by hosting a convention for homosexuals attracted to boys and Boy Lover culture. At first I took all of Herriots “Boy Buck” shenanigans as comedy but now I see how John Herriot is obsessed with boys and little league baseball uniforms. Herriot, Calvert and Boehle are never intimate with any men at Camp Shalom. Where do these creepy characters obtain sexual gratification? Definitely not at Camp Shalom with gay men.

attorney abuse of legal process

Would you want your kid to be exposed to John Herriot? Do your own research, call him up, get a read on him. Go and meet him in person. Discern for yourself.  Would you let your child be alone with John Herriot?

boehle pedophile leather program

The purpose of this blog is to influence legislation to tighten up Megan’s Law by requiring registered child sex offenders like Herriot to update their address information with vacation and out of state residences as required by law.