Chinese Laundry

Fleecing the Canadians

Fraudulent Palm Springs realtors have sheared the Canadian sheep and now the Chinese are next. There’s a sucker born every nanosecond and a land speculator ready to sign him up for a home loan in the desert. Snake oil salesman like Palm Springs Councilman JR Roberts and his agents are out there promoting “postmodernist architecture” to sell his $4.2 million “Historic Edris House before the Canucks totally bail out. Why not “pre-modernist” as a brand, wouldn’t it sell more because older is better in the art world?  Good thing the Palm Springs revitalization has “UCLA architect” Roberts to figure these complicated things out.

Canadians own approximately 15% of Palm Springs residential real estate . . .  and falling. The Canadian dollar has taken a hit and so the Canadians are selling their inventory of over priced PS properties. PS needs someone else to suck up the bubble and the Chinese are next. Maybe the nice Chinese people will fork over $4,200,000 for our National Treasure, the Edris House. The Chinese have plenty of cash to spend and they really need to impress their peers with real estate holdings. By ripping off new Chinese investors, the Palm Springs City Council keeps the Ponzi scheme floating. 

canadians in the desert

Chinese Canadians 

A Taiwanese real investor bought the triplex across the street from me for $300, painted it bright white, and now it is on the market for $500. There is trash on the lot, a broken sidewalk, broken mailbox and the Mexican fan palms need about $3,500 in tree trimming. There’s a sucker born every minute. Enter the Chinese hipster.

asian gangsters


Even the motorcycle riders seem to be passing Palm Springs by these days. La Quinta and Indio are exciting places compared to downtown Palm Springs. I feel like business owners in Palm Springs are laughing at all the suckers who come to the desert to part with their cash.

Who’s Next

The City of Palm Springs is arrogantly sitting in chambers deciding who they do and do not want to spend money in their private little piggy bank. Sonny Bono chased out the semi-naked college girls and I miss them. I don’t care so much about Canadians or motorbike riders looking for discount cheeseburgers. I would like to see more Chinese in thong bikinis on Palm Canyon Drive.

jr roberts

Repeal the Thong Bikini Ban in Palm Springs

I am hereby requesting that PS City Councilmen JR Roberts, Geoff Kors and Mayor Moon if please repeal the Palm Springs ban on thong bikinis in this town. These guys are all gay so they will just ignore my plea, therefore I am also hereby asking for public support from hipsters and millennials who have cash to burn in the desert. Repeal the Palm Springs thong bikini ban.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.