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Demand for Supplemental Retirement Income

Demand Blog for Supplemental Retirement Income

A few weeks ago on New Year’s Day I wrote a blog stating that I was going to make a meal ticket out of wrongdoers.  Some criminals did not take me seriously.  Glen Castelazo failed to heed my warning blog and called up to con me into purchasing a snake oil Kangen water machine.  Glen Castelazo is a wrongdoer who owes me $2,500 in tuition reimbursement and attorney fees.

glen castelazo owes death and aging benefits

The Job Offer

Glen Castelazo & Associates offered me a job selling supplemental disability insurance in 2004.  When informed of my restricted drivers’ license, Glen said that my bad driving record would not be a problem in working for him.  The State of California requested an administrative hearing and I spent a total $5,000 which included hiring an attorney.  I finally obtained my restricted property & casualty insurance agent license but Glen never gave me a job.  Glen just stopped returning my calls and refused to speak to me.

Then fourteen years later out of the blue Mr. Castelazo called me and tried to sell me an Enagic Kangen water machine.  I then started writing this blog and Glen must have seen the early version below, because he then texted me saying that I had money waiting for me at his office.  Glen never intended to send me any money he just wanted to see me flapping in the breeze again while he merrily laughed away with his ubiquitous sales banter.  Glen Castelzo wants to continue to suck vast amounts of my time and money with his glib bullshit. I want to be paid for breach of oral contract to sell supplemental disability insurance by Glenn Castelazo & Associates of Westlake Village, California. 

July 27, 2018 Demand Text

I sent Carlos Glennie Castelazo a demand text for half of my investment spent in reliance of his job offer.  I need Glen to send me $2,500 as 50% reimbursement for insurance licensing costs and attorney fees incurred in 2004 in fulfillment of the terms of his offer. 

Aging and Death

Aging and death are inevitable so let’s make it fashionable to be old.  Death is going to be the next really big thing. The question is not how old are you but how engaged are you with life?  Physical activity of any kind is a great way to stay actively engaged with life while aging in an healthy manner. Will you survive jungle predators like Glen Castelazo?

This article started out as a promotion for Kundalini yoga as a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and has morphed into a demand letter for reimbursement from Glenn Castelazo.  I was sitting in my cheap motel room writing this blog on aging and death when Glen called me from his beautiful home on the beach in bucolic Westlake Village.  Glen was calling to sell me an expensive Enagic Kangen home water machine.  When he finally took the time to find out that I was one degree away from homeless he abruptly ended his cold sales call to me. 

People who live in rental properties are of no use to Enagic Kangen water machine salesman like Glen Castelazo.  I cringe to think how things would have been if I had of been a homeowner.  Glen would have hounded and wheedled me until I relented and bought one of his machines to avoid having a nervous fucking breakdown.  Which is exactly why I allowed myself to be conned into obtaining a restricted insurance agent license in the first place, I wanted to avoid the onslaught of his sales pitch so I accepted Glenn’s offer.  I must have been out of my fucking mind.  My friends in Malibu laughed at me for hanging out with Glen.  I should have listened to my friends.

Writing this blog has made me realize that I need to wake up and be reimbursed by the Castelazo Insurance Agency for 50% of my $5,000 spent in educational expenses, licensing costs and attorney fees incurred in reliance upon Glen’s job offer in 2004.

aging and death


Snake oil salesman extraordinaire Glen Castelazo called me out of the blue after fourteen years of not returning my phone calls.  I need to add Mr. Castelazo to my supplemental retirement income portfolio. 

hot dog


What aging and death products is Glen Castelzo made of? What should his branding convey to the consumer? Consumer of what? Disability insurance, alkaline water machines or movie tickets? A brand as diversified as Mr. Castelazo’s should be better capitalized. The conglomerate needs a website but this blog will have to suffice. Castelazo & Associates has so little web presence that these few blogs will dominate most search engine queries by the California consumer.  

castelazo and associates

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