Baby Cruz Castelazo on the Multi-Level Moneygoround (MLM), Part One

Blogging away in my cheap motel room on Washington Boulevard, I get a call out of the blue from my old buddy Carlos Glennie Castelazo of pastoral Westlake Village, California.  Glen said he is tired of getting rich selling supplemental disability insurance to Los Angeles County employees on their lunch break.  Glennie is also tired of working long hours with Sad Tony’s Craft Service in the Hollywood film and television production industry.  Glen and his son Cruz have discovered multi-level marketing of Kangen carbonated snake oil water machines.  This is not your Grandfather’s Amway, that would be too honest.  Glen’s grandfather was an Amway salesman and they don’t make multi-level salesmen like that anymore.  Today the Castelazo Family is selling water to Africans, and tomorrow they will probably be selling air to Syrians. 

island home westlake village ca

Stay-At-Lakeside-Home MLM Dad

Glenn glad hands and chuckles a lot as usual as he laughs about how now he just wants to stay home all day and play with his five year-old son Cruz while he sells $4,000 residential Enagic Kangen water machines to his friends and family.  After he rips-off the people closest to him Glen puts Cruz into his $2,000 stroller for a walk around Westlake Lake.  Glennie has the same old light-hearted, humorous sales banter today as he did fourteen years ago.  I remember that laugh from when he was still located on Roadside at the Whizin’s Arcade in Agoura Hills working with his father Carlo.

Glen doesn’t seem to have kept up with technology but he does know how to include his cute little kid Cruz into the sales pitch.  Glenn’s grandfather was a supplemental disability insurance salesman and so by using his son Cruz as a marketing tool, the fourth generation of Castelazo snake oil salesman is now getting into the act. 

glen castelazo

Selling Water & Air

The last Enagic water salesman I knew at least gave away free gallons of kangen water.  I can’t remember his name but I used to know a kangen water salesman who drove all over Los Angeles delivering free gallons of kangen water in order to sell expensive home kangen water machines. Did I get one little complimentary offer from Glen?  No I did not.  Exactly what is Castelazo & Associates selling? Supplemental disability-retirement insurance, Colonial Penn Life Insurance, Kangen Water, Local 80 Craft Services, marijuana dispensary delivery, Uber?

Supplemental Retirement Insurance

In 2004 Glen promised me a job selling supplemental disability insurance if I obtained a property and casualty insurance sales license.  One month later I had my P & C and life insurance agent license but Castelazo & Associates never gave me a job selling or marketing supplemental disability insurance. Glen never even had the decency to talk to me about it. Glen never returned any of my phone calls after I received my license.  I invested a lot of emotional capital in obtaining those two licenses. I expected to work hard and profit from my investment but I ended up in the hole after my relationship with Castelazo & Associates.  The purpose of this article is to make a claim with Castelazo and Associated for benefits available under my supplemental retirement insurance policy purchased in 2004.   

Multi-Level Tuition Reimbursement

Glen refused to take my calls for fourteen years and then in January 2018 he calls me up out of the blue and tries to hustle me into purchasing an expensive multi-level marketing Enagic Kangen water machine when I didn’t even have a permanent address. He didn’t even bother to find out that I was living in a cheap motel until he tried to close the deal, upon which time he ended his sales call to me. My lifestyle is useless to a snake charming multi-level water machine salesman.  Then a few days later Glen texts me that I have money waiting for me at his office. How much?  Enough to cover my tuition for property & casualty and life insurance agent school in 2004?   At least tell me you love me and the check is in the mail. 

Castelazo & Associates

Meal Ticket Yoga

All my life I have been the ultimate joiner.  I join everything. Toastmasters, Agape International Spiritual Center, Insurance related enterprises, nude yoga retreats, etc. The trick is to get all of this joining to ultimately pay off. The goal is to make a meal ticket out of it.  Everybody needs a meal ticket.

Castelazo & Associates

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