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Lose Your Delusion

Gay Deception at Cathedral City Boys Club

Deception is fundamental to the homosexual lifestyle. The Cathedral City Boys Club, California 92234 takes gay deception to a commercial and professional level. CCBC is marketed as a gay clothing optional resort but it is really an emotionally disease-filled homosexual bath house. In my opinion gay bathhouses are to be used as institutions of higher learning. Use open air toilets like the Cathedral City Boys Club as an educational resource. But don’t make this kind of Danny Welchhance shit part of your permanent lifestyle.

Gay sex simply means you get exactly what you want in the precise instant that you want it. Gay is a con job. Homosexuality can be a temporary and healthy diversion or faggotry can be a destructive and unhealthy lifestyle. If a man lingers his life away celebrating his lower energy he ends up like the regular denizens of sleazy gay bathhouses like the Cathedral City Boys Club.

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What I Learned at the Gay Bathhouse
My homosexual delusion manifests as me laying back as a pansexual in love with everything and receiving pleasure from a libidinous gay man.  From now on I need to be specific with all gay men: I do not reciprocate!  My last visit to CCBC inspired me to put my homosexual tendencies back into the closet where they belong. If a strong, healthy gay man wants to give me an incredible two hour blow job, I just tell the stud right up front: I am bisexual and I only do exactly what I want do do.

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The Early Bird Gets the God

If you are a real nudist like me and you want to use CCBC as an actual resort like it is marketed, then you must arrive early and leave early because gay bathhouses get really dirty and crowded as the sun gives way to darkness. The purpose of this blog is to open your mind up to moving towards the long time sun that is always there to give you the love of God that you really want and need, whether you know it or not.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.