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The Great Divide

Sacramental Grace Separates Catholic Practice From Every Other Religion

In the Catholic Church grace is not freely given until one has received the Body of Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. As a practicing Protestant I can meditate alone in the desert and freely receive God’s infinite grace and healing. As a practicing Catholic I must attend a local celebration of the Eucharistic Mass and receive the substantiated Body of the Christ into my body. My body becomes the Body of Christ and whatever Christ is I am. As a child I thought Holy Communion was symbolic. It is not symbolic. It is real. Catholicism is the spiritual practice of ancient mystics seeking to live and breath in God, as God, through God. Both religions believe that God’s grace is freely given. The difference is Catholicism makes a formal serious mystical practice out of something that Protestants practice on a less formal, relaxed and symbolic level.

Spiritual Intuition

The Holy Spirit is the spiritual energy that communicates grace through my soul and into my daily life. Grace is more than regular feminine intuition. Grace is spiritual intuition that will take control of my life if I surrender enough. It is important to surrender to the receiving of graceful communication from God. Listen to God like a woman listens to the subtle cues of romance. I have become a Latin lover for God.

Gratitude for Weirdness

Being an outsider means receiving God’s grace is more important to me than it is for more normal people. I am not normal. I am weird and I like it that way. I am a freaky Catholic boy for the mystical Body of Christ in me, through me and as me. The family of Jesus Christ remark in the Bible that Christ is off the grid. I am grateful and relieved to be out of the system and off the grid. I can’t do the attorney level paralegal work for minimum wage that is currently being offered. If I am going to work for free I would rather be doing this. When I serve God the money comes in mysterious ways. That’s why it is a mystery religion.