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Radicalized Consumer Seizes Control

Consumer control means that I am exercising my statutory power over anything and everything that concerns my health and well-being at the Masonic Homes Covina.

Consumer Control Means That I Am In Charge of the CCRC Known as Masonic Homes Covina

According to federal and state law, Masonic Homes Covina is a consumer controlled continuing care retirement commmunity (CCRC). Although I have written several blogs about this statutory authority, I have never actually applied the rule of law to Masonic Homes, until now. I have never done anything because I was asleep, but now I have awakened.

Radicalized Senior Citizen With Neurological Disability

Now that I have been a resident of MHC for nine months I see how everything works. Mostly it is every man for himself, with the most dysfunctional members selfishly doing whatever they want. MHC employees keep knocking on my door asking for trash and I keep telling them that I insist on taking out my own garbage. If MHC employees do not want to practice social distancing, then in my opinion, they should stay at home. I am already at home and therefore I don’t have any other place to go. My back is up against the wall and I have become a radicalized consumer.

masonic homes consumer controlled continuing care retirement community

Sterling Men’s Weekend

In 1996, I paid a few hundred dollars to take the Sterling Men’s Weekend. It was some of the best money that I ever spent and I would highly recommend this transformational two-day experience to any man who wants to wake up to women, the world and his life.

Saturday morning opened with women facilitators ordering us about and acting like fascist mommies. Finally, after a tortuous hour or two, one brave participant got up and took the microphone from the female speaker, as she was belittling us.

Seize Control of the Microphone

That brave soul took control of the Sterling Men’s Weekend during the first few hours, and that was the whole point, taking control of the microphone. The rest of us sat there in awe at what happened next. Our brave leader who seized the microphone said that he didn’t know what he was doing, but he did not want those women ordering us about like little boys. Just then Justin Sterling made his grand entrance.

Our fearless participant handed Justin Sterling the microphone as they shook hands. It was real, the participant who seized the microphone was a real participant, just like the rest of us, who sat there and took verbal abuse from the women. The women were not real, they were paid employees teaching us one of the most valuable lessons of my life.

Taking Control of My Life

Remembering that moment of awakening, in the rented Masonic Hall in Hollywood, California, I still get shivers just thinking about it right now, over twenty years later. The rest of us men would have, maybe sat there for an additional hour of torture, until one of us had the balls to take control of the microphone. This blog is about me taking control of the microphone and taking control of my residence at the Masonic Homes Covina. Consumer control means that, I think I’ve been getting ripped off, and now I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Wall Street Hustle

For the past six months MHC has not been receiving our five copies of the WSJ Weekend on Saturday mornings. It was being delivered and then it stopped. We had not been receiving it because someone was stealing from us. Someone ripped off six months of the MHC Wall Street Journal Weekend until I complained about it for a few months.

Last week when Anabelle was making me run around crazy and needlessly back and forth to the guard shack, looking for the daily WSJ, she had the audacity to asked me again if I was sure, that we were not getting the WSJ Weekend. She actually asked me twice, as if my first “no” wasn’t good enough for her.

I thought to myself, how do I prove to this robot that we are not receiving a newspaper? Finally, administration called up the delivery service and got our delivery started again. Now we are finally receiving something that was being stolen from us for months. How many decades must the MHC pool and Jacuzzi remain stolen from us before we can recover them?

The blogger known legally as Dean Keith McAdams is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact: It only seems complicated but actually life is very simple: "God and I are One, not two."
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