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Celebrity Yoga

Apparently Russell Brand is no longer interested in kundalini yoga now that he is living with his new wife and infant daughters in the United Kingdom.  Demi Moore is still strutting around with various celebrity yoga instructors however there are plenty of celebrity women doing kundalini so hot Demi doesn’t really count in the sea of hot yoga women.  Demi Moore has a slimmer body than her younger kundalini teacher. Kundalini yoga is what you make of it.  Kundalini helped bring me to a new level of awareness because of the work that I put into it.  In the digital age you don’t need a white turbaned celebrity kundalini yoga guru because everything is online.  

Kundalini really was the yoga of awareness for me even though my tenure there was cut short by the demands of celebrity yoga.  Kundalini yoga inspired me to totally reinvent myself from my root chakra all the way out to my auric boundaries.  Kundalini made me aware of how much my grandfather’s Texas drawl is still buried in my country lingual tendencies. 

Female Energy

Kundalini yoga made me much more aware of the male-female energy dynamic. Men loose some of their personal power simply by looking at a woman.  If a man talks to a woman he looses even more of his autonomy.  If a guy touches a girl he is already dead.  


Why waste time with fake socialization on Facebook when you could be constructing your own media outlet?  The purpose of this blog is to express my desire to remake my entire personality.

We are all worms, I am a glow worm.   -Winston Churchill  

Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

This year I am thankful for living alone in total seclusion in the most beautiful single apartment I have ever lived in during my entire life. 

Celebrity Skin

My kundalini awareness occurred in spite of celebrity yoga instructors at Yoga West in Beverly Hills, California.  My new awareness happened through my personal yoga practice more than the kundalini yoga marketed by the Bhajanists of Robertson Boulevard.  I have been writing about kundalini yoga on this blog for a few years now.   If I had it to do all over again I probably would have gone to Sivananda yoga camp in Grass Valley, California. 


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