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Try Being a Celibate Gay Male in Palm Springs

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Celibate Gay Mental Health

The only way out of male homosexuality is to just fuck your brains out for a few years and get over it. Gay life finally gave you the wholly satisfying sexual experience you always wanted. Done. Great so now what? Once homosexuality has lost its allure and seduction, you can become a celibate gay man of God. Celibate gay men have the inherent awareness necessary for the spiritual life. Yogis, swamis and many Eastern & Western spiritual teachers believe that homosexualtiy does not exist and on a fundamental level they are correct. These same teachers also explain that sexual relations in general are a hindrance to spiritual practice and they are correct.  Celibacy is better for spiritual practice than an active sex life of any kind. The Dali Lama believes that the independence and freedom of celibacy outweighs the fleeting pleasure of sex. I have the experience to verify that the Dali Lama is correct. 

Why I Am a Celibate Gay in Palm Springs . . . today

Palm Springs is a fast track to gay overload and burnout. This whole damn desert is totally gay. You hear gay people in the car next to you when are stopped at a traffic light and in line at the grocery store. There are homosexual house guests at my place and gay men in my bed with me. Oh dear God I am sick and tired of it all. I hold women partly to blame. The little bitches are tough, they want to see your financials just like any other banker deciding if you get a loan from the Bank of Vagina.

Celibate Gay Advice:

Don’t limit yourself. Be pansexual or bisexual. When you are a young man go out with women as much as possible. Fuck and eat all the pussy you can when you are young because when they are old they grow teeth down there. Older guys told me this when I was young and I wish I had of believed them. I had no idea it would be so difficult to get laid by women after age fifty. In a few months I will be sixty so I am just going to live as if I am celibate. I am practicing celibate gay mental health. If a quality person comes along I will pray on it. Maybe there is a woman somewhere who will read this and stop withholding sex from her boyfriend so the lad will not have to become a pansexual bisexual homosexual for emotional survival.¬†


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