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TRIMMING YOUR BLOG’S EXPENSES | Cenote is the Best Free WordPress Theme

This article is about cutting personal expenses and trimming the tree of wasteful consumerism. On December 17, 2019 this website’s $80/per year subscription to Divi by Elegant Themes expired and so now what you see is a free WordPress theme called Cenote. Cenote is in my opinion the best free WordPress theme currently available for my needs. I no longer need, want, or can afford the creative bells and whistles of Divi. Divi’s modular custom ability made the program top heavy and so Divi took up a lot of computing power. My needs are much simpler today.

This is the first blog I have written after spending the better part of a week redesigning the Noodle Opinion Blog front page and sidebar widgets. It feels good to be using a free WordPress theme because this site does not make any money. This private opinion blog is my labor of love that I do for free without getting paid.

Noodle Opinion Blog

My home page has been re-branded as the Noodle Opinion Blog instead of citizen investigator blog. It looks and feels better to have the word “opinion” in bold front and center. This website is not responsible, researched and fact checked journalism. This is me saying whatever I want to say and publishing it in a Google searchable format. Have you Googled your name recently?

john k herriot using free wordpress theme

Have You Ever Googled John Herriot’s Name?

Everything on this website is designed to rank high up on the first page of the Google organic search results. One of my early intentions was to attract attention to the questionable activities of California Men Engaged in Nudity (CMEN) founder and CEO John Herriot. Try Googling “herriot investigation” sometime.

It appears that it may be appropriate to amend Megan’s Law to require Mr. Herriot to enter his dual residences and vacation address in the San Bernardino mountains into the database. As a registered child sex offender John Herriot should also be required to be transparent regarding his youth league baseball uniform business.

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