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The Nature of Our Multi-Leveled Existence

A Chakra is an Imaginary Energy Vortex

chakras are imaginaryThe Aquarian Teacher, Yogi Bhajan

| Chapter 15 | Pages 187 & 188

In the midst of the great web of energies which make up this universe, each human being is a complex organism capable of interacting and communicating across the levels of energy in the world. On the grossly physical levels we have the same limitations of all physical objects. We melt and dissipate under too much heat, we break under too much force, and we fall without the support of gravity. But unlike many other things we have the capacity to cross the levels of subtlety in the universe. At levels other than the lower dimensional physical we can still exist, connect, communicate, gather forces, manifest, and think, at the imaginary level of the wheels of energy called chakras.

chakrasWe are like a little chakra, a circle of energy that cuts across many levels of existence. Unlike the outer explorers of modern science who believe in a single level of existence, the inner explorers find that the universe is in it’s very Essence, multi–leveled.

The gap in our ability to deal with a multi–level universe is like the dilemma many people faced with reconciling the idea that photons can act like a particle or a wave depending on the circumstance and type of observation. We want the security of classifying light in one conceptual box or another. But, in experiment after experiment it leapt out of the box and beyond any comfortable labeling by our intellectual mind. It is not wave or particle, it is either or it is or/and/neither/both. Experience on that level of physics pushes us close to realms that are fundamentally different from logical physics.

What ever a photon is, it has phases or levels of manifestation that depends on the view were and circumstance. It’s individual nature depends on the state of the entire universe to which it is connected. It’s real essence is beyond our senses–but it exists. Our soul or essence has the same relationship to our mind and to our normal experiences.

We can be particulate or wave–like; like a left brain or a right.  But in essence we are beyond those classifications and are more then our senses can capture.

The vortex of energy that we are has sub-vortices, energy centers that cross through and interconnect the levels of existence. Those centers can be thought of in a very earthy way– like a wheel; or in a watery way–like a whirlpool’s spinning vortex; in an airy way–like a whirlwind; or in an etheric way as filaments of divine energy that orchestrate the instruments of the senses and preserve the gateways to our inner life.

The seeming separation we have from everything outside of us is balanced by the intimate unity we share with everything. Both are true and neither alone is complete as a thought. Special practices realized the connectedness and guide us to develop a relationship to all levels of our existence. They tell us not to be lured trance-like agreement with a lower-dimensional definition of what it is to be a human being.  The senses are attractive. The drive to manifest, to reproduce, to feel, is universal. It is an irresistible force called maya. It is a veil that hypnotizes and create illusions. The opposite flow is transcendence, enlightenment–the kundalini force of awareness.

Consciously Link to the Source Field

Each of us can act in alignment with the greater field from which we originate and in which we all we live. We can consciously link to the source field, some call it God or spirit. Or we can draw the veil closed and pretend that we are totally isolated and act only within the gross, lower-dimensional, clear–cut rational and tangible world.

chakra series

Integrating Our Many Dimensions

The chakras or energy centers are central to the regulation of how tightly those veils are drawn. This realization affects how robotic or free we are able to act. It changes the range of our perception, feelings, and choices, which affect the flow and types of thoughts we have, as well as the energy we can gather to act and manifest our thoughts. They affect the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious in all our behaviors. Opening and balancing the chakras opens the senses. It integrates them into a responsive network that can relate to the larger source field of energy.

The kundalini is the thread of the Infinite pushed through the small eye of the finite needle of creation.

Every part of this: the body, an organ, a cell, or a molecule, vibrates and relates to that larger field. Each part can create a blend of qualities of energies and can be a seed along which the Infinite can align and manifest. This used to be called magic, shaman is him, or alchemy. It was cross–dimensional thinking.  It is the art and science of a conversation with the soul.

There is No Cookie Cutter for Chakras, You Must Create Your Own From Scratch

The only instrument up to the task of decoding these interconnections between dimensions is the soul-awareness itself, in the awakened human being. The masters (all explorers of the inner realms of the possible human), agree on the path. They say each experience is unique but the process of gaining that awareness has very common features and laws. The Infinite field that we ultimately are is so creative, original, and complex that no individual is ever repeated; none of us are simple cogs from a Cosmic cookie cutter. We are each made with more love, uniqueness and potential than that.

Experience the Chakras as Visualizations of Glandular Energy Centers

Long intellectual classifications of the steps of transcendent experience are avoided as false distractions, betrayal of the humility needed to approach the Infinite, and by their very nature inauthentic. The most authentic expression of the Infinite is the life of a saint.  The only real record of the awakened realms are our actions and our compassion. Every word, action, success, and failure  is the textured expression of the attuned Will of God manifested through each individual in the actual experienced process of life. That is why the history and artifacts of a saint’s life life are so useful and powerful. They point us accurately toward the moon even if they are not in the moon itself. They train us where to put our attention and where to surrender the veils of the ego. They pass on goals, attitudes, and beliefs that help you apply sadhana a discipline, to the self–initiation and awakening of the kundalini. The doors of the soul are opened as the chakras are balanced and awakened with special techniques rather than life rules.