What Causes Miracles?

Charity Towards Children

Looking back at how the hand of God has always blessed my life I can feel that I am being somehow rewarded for my lifelong charity towards children. From the mean streets of Tujunga, California to the tourist jungles of Angor Wat in Cambodia I have been semi-anonymously charitable to kids.

Whenever a miracle occurs in my life it feels like it all has something to do with what happened to me with the DiMino Crime Family of Helendale Avenue in Tujunga, California. Thanks to the DiMino’s I feel like I went into a witness protection program and started a brand new sober and spiritual life. The DiMino’s even contributed to me becoming a Freemason by getting me out of Tujunga. After I eventually pass from this Earthly plane of existence and stand before the Great Architect to summarize my material life it will be as a charitable Freemason who tried his best to help kids.

Since I never had children of my own I always tried to help kids whenever I could. My father was a middle school teacher and so that was how I always came at kids, as a teacher. My motives were always pure but unfortunately my back fence neighbor Art DiMino started a rumor that I was doing something wrong with neighborhood children Jenna and Craig Green. My Catholic wife had left me and I was lonely on Easter Sunday so I took the kids with me to Von’s Market and we stopped in and said hello to my parents. It’s like I wanted to subconsciously show mom and dad that I was okay because I had kids.

Sick of Adults and Hanging Out With Little Kids While My Life Crashes and Burns

While preparing to vacate my former marital residence on McClemont Avenue. I told ten year old Craig Green that I would give him my adult sized scooter with big inflatable tires. I was selling my house furnished and condensing my life into storage or my RV and giving away and trashing the rest.

I was moving because of my divorce and my need to go to alcohol rehab in Malibu not because of anything to do with my hanging out with kids while my life was crashing and burning all around me in spectacular fashion. My mother was a few weeks away from dying of cancer, I was mutually terminated from my paralegal job at Safeco Insurance and I moved away from Tujunga because God had a better life for me in Malibu and Playa del Rey.

The police even talked to the kids in front of my house and let me go with the cop lights flashing and the neighbors all watching but Art and Eydie DiMino kept up with the rumors. I never sued the DiMino’s because I was moving to a better life. I took my pound of flesh in good karma and it paid off one thousand fold.

Forced Into Charity Towards Children By Tujunga Hoodlum Neighbors

On one of my final days of leaving Tujunga, a hoodlum type character claiming to be Craig’s “Uncle Joe” came up to me in my front yard while I was finishing moving out and he demanded that I give him the scooter I promised to Craig. I told him that I wanted to give Craig the scooter personally after I fixed the flat tire. The creep started his junkie con artist bullshit rap and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with the asshole and so I just gave him the $150 scooter with the flat tire. As he was walking away he said, “Wow this is a nice scooter.” He acted like he wanted to be cool and smooth over the fact that he was practically robbing me in broad daylight. I had even purchased a flat tire repair kit for the scooter’s flat tire, but I just stood there in silence glaring at the neighborhood criminal. Uncle Joe was so stupid he didn’t even also demand my flat tire repair kit for the flat tire on the scooter he strong armed from me.

That was how my whole life was going as I was leaving Tujunga while my mother lay dying in hospice. I lost everything material but I gained everything spiritual. Every time I celebrate another year of recovery from alcoholism I can feel these events involving Craig Green, his little sister Jenna and my other charitable actions towards children.

san diego pool cleaner art dimino
Art DiMino with his second wife Kim and first son Victor
The North San Diego Pool Nanny

A few years later, 60 year old Art DiMino posted photographs of his new wife and infant son on Facebook. Art left his job as an unemployed carpenter in Tujunga and moved to North San Diego where he changed his career to pool cleaner and had a new born baby named Victor. That is not charity towards children that seems like child abuse to me. When poor little Victor is in school the kids will tease him to death because his daddy is a pool cleaner old enough to be his grandpa.

this is not charity to children
Art Did Not Leave Tujunga Because of Child Sex Trafficking

But my problem is that Art DiMino tells everyone in North San Diego that he had to move away form Tujunga because of his neighbors and child sex trafficking. So the purpose of this blog is to set the story straight. I moved away from Tujunga before Art DiMino moved and I moved to Malibu on my own free will not because of any rumors, lies and gossip created by Art and Eydie DiMino or their minions.

pool nanny angelo dimino