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How Kids Get Damaged and Something You Can Do About it Right Now

Child Abuse Step One: Ruin Your Kid’s First Name

The first thing Jeff Goldhammer did to inflict child abuse upon his son Jarrad was to give him a queer first name. The correct spelling of the name is Jared, as in the actor Jared Leto. Jeff intentionally misspelled it as Jarrad to piss his son off because that is what Jeff likes to do, piss people off. By giving your child a queer first name you begin step one of the Jeff Cowan process of early child abuse. Jeff Cowan wants to be slobbering in your face infecting your life with desert queerness.

jeffrey r cowan child abuse

Child Abuse Step Two: Ruin Your Kid’s Last Name

The second thing Jeff did to abuse his child was to pervert Jarrad’s last name. Do this by changing the father’s last name from Goldhammer to the mother’s last name of Cowan. This type of diseased thinking must be restrained for the good of society and for Goldhammer’s own protection from himself. Because of this perverted name change Goldhammer now cannot collect his own funds because Jeffrey Goldhammer no longer exits!

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Jeff pissed on a nice girl named Wendi Cowan and knocked her up bad with a baby boy. Jeff abandoned Wendi after inseminating her fertile fields of pleasure. Jeff Goldhammer became Jarrad Goldhammer’s father by paternity and child support lawsuit from the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

So to piss everybody off, Jeff Goldhammer changed his name to Jeff Cowan. When he meets someone new Jeff subjects them to this type of diseased thinking. Jeff wants to inflict this diseased thinking upon you. Jeff Cowan want’s you to believe that all unmarried men should change their names to that of the unmarried women they impregnate. Are you going to allow this assault upon humanity? Jeff Cowan wants to inflict child abuse and diseased thinking upon your community. Are you going to let that happen?

jarrad cowan name change
child abuse social credit score

Social Abuse Step Three: Ruin Your Neighbor’s Peace of Mind

The third and last thing a deranged person does is to infect his deranged thinking upon the rest of the world. Jeff Cowan wants to destroy your piece of mind with his diseased thinking. As Jeff will tell you himself the reason for his existence is to piss people off. Jeff wants to make everything shitty. All Jeff Cowan wants to do is piss-off everybody on the gay cruise ship by wearing hideous American flag clothing. Someday he will be in your life pissing on you. Maybe he already has. Maybe Jeff Cowan is that universal asshole ruining your day and you would like a little payback. Maybe you should pay it forward by going to his house in Cat Cit and telling him how much the world detests fucked up people like Jeff Cowan Goldhammer.

Solution Step Four: Do Your Part Now

Here is an old flyer for one of his nude gay sex parties that he has every year on his birthday. Someone finally told him it is not really cool to throw a big birthday party for yourself. So now Cowan calls his birthday party a Veteran’s Day party every year. Social abuse. Prevent it. Do your part. Now.

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Sue Jeff Cowan for Child Abuse

Jarrad Cowan should sue his father for child abuse caused by intentional infliction of emotional distress for messing up his son’s name Jarhead Coward in two places. Double Jeopardy wearing XXL!

Conclusion: Speak Up – Write Up Against Child Abuse

Speak up directly to Jeff and the Cathedral City community in person with a megaphone if you are actually in the Southern California Desert. Jeff has been 86’d from the best Karaoke bars in Palm Springs. An even better method is to step yourself up to digital communication. Use the simple kit of blogging tools laid out in this blog. Learn to use technology to write in public instead of speaking in public as illustrated in this blog.

Give people like Jeff Cowan a piece of your mind and say: “Sons take the names of the father’s and not the other way around!”

If you do not stand up to creeps like Cowan they will inflict more and more damage upon the children of our community. Jeff Cowan should be immediately sterilized and compensation paid to Jarred, Wendi, and Alfred Cowan of Valley Village, California.

Jeff Cowan Citizen Issued Restraining Order for child abuse
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