Emotional Trafficking

The Case For a Child Centered Society

Are you going to teach your children to gracefully eat ice cream out of a cone or yell and run around playing with swords?  You can teach peace or you can teach violence to your kids.  It really doesn’t matter to me personally any more because I have retired from it all to my ivory tower.  This is no country for old me like myself.  This is a violent country that is preparing children to become schoolyard slashers.  I am glad I am old.  I was so serious about my child centered beliefs that I decided not to bring children into the world.  With parents like Kundalini’s, who needs enemies?

medieval religion

Child Centered Legislation

My solution is to stay safe at home writing these blogs proposing that Sikh and Kundalini parents be held responsible for raising violent disagreeable children.  The only really good thing about Sikh violence is that everybody looks really good.  Sikh violence is designed to appear very fashionable and chic.  Sikhs use fashion to promote their violent belief system. This type of violent posturing needs to be addressed before it gets out of control.  Exactly who do the Sikh’s perceive as their enemy? 

creating kundalini violence

Beautiful Nemisis

Supposedly it is an old Sicilian proverb to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Sicilians would have made good bloggers.  I am keeping my new kundalini friends close by writing these blogs about them.  If you want to see the real enemy, just look in the mirror, that’s what I did.  I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw Libby Lydecker in all of her manifestations; actress, teacher, lover, killer.  


Guru Singh’s Age of Matriarchy

I hope I die before the Age of Aquarius arrives.  I have a tough enough time with women as it is.  Supposedly when the stars line up correctly men will no longer be eligible to hold political office and women will be put in charge of all the madness.  You can learn all about it in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 at Yoga West. 

creating kundalini politics