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Make Halloween As Much Fun For Investigators As it is for Perpetrators

 Make Halloween National Child Investigation Night 

If Halloween can be a traditional playground for bad actors putting razor blades in apples then Halloween should also be an exciting amateur child investigation holiday.  Why do people commit crime?  Because they think they can.  Why do you investigate crime as a private citizen?  Because you know you can.  Jeffrey Robert Cowan and his client John Herriot are being investigated by the Palm Springs Police Department and the Cat City Cops so climb on board the desert citizen patrol bandwagon and help out. The PSPD are grossly incompetent and therefor your help is desperately needed.  Now that Steve Delacruz and Jack Tea are two degrees from John Herriot a whole new avenue of investigation has opened up in Desperate Hot Springs, California.

jeffrey r cowan

 Trick or Treat 

This website has been doing this type of private opinion citizen investigator work for years and the law says that it is perfectly legal.  I can do this because I don’t have to fill out the mountain of mandatory documentation required for child trafficking investigations.  Cops hate pedophile investigations because of the paperwork.  The cops have been doing this for years too and they haven’t been able to get hard evidence on Herriot and his associates.  But if you keep up the pressure something will have to give. Take notes and report back to this website.  

Ask Mr. Cowan if Delacruz and Jack Tea, Jr. have met the parents of the kids who patronize Herriott’s little league baseball uniform business. We eventually want to find the parents that are selling their kids to the Mexican Boy Lover Club.  So put on your mask and hood and just walk up to your suspects house, knock on the door and say, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.”  While your suspect is handing you your candy you can have a good look around his house.  Bingo!  You have just become an amateur child sex trafficking investigator.  Now you are ready to begin your first assignment updating the Megan’s Law website.  So put on your costume and begin by knocking on Jeff Cowan’s door in Cat City, California.

29613 calle tampico cathedral city ca calle tampico, jeffrey cowan cpa

 John Herriott Investigation 

California State law mandates that registered child sex trafficker John Herriott update his address profile to include all travel, vacation and business addresses.  If Mr. Herriott continues to conduct commercial pool parties at 29613 Calle Tampico then a child investigation is necessary to update this address to his Megan’s law profile. 

Remember this just your special Halloween child investigation so you are not going to be asking a lot of questions.  You are only going to be looking around.  Just say, “Trick or Treat”.  Don’t ask to be invited inside tonight.

 Pool Party Investigation RSVP 

You will not be investigating the interior of 29613 Calle Tampico until the Veteran’s Day Pool Party on November 11, 2018.  Remember to RSVP for the 11th because this is not an open invitation.  When you submit your RSVP just say that you are interested in joining CMEN.  John Herriott will get a kick out of making you say the word CMEN.  Jeff Cowan will laugh that you said the word CMEN.  That is true pedophile humor.  Go and laugh about pedophile humor on Veteran’s Day.  Report back to this website with your findings on Steve Delacruz in Gardena, CA.

john herriot child investigation

 Now Halloween can be as fun for investigators as it is for perpetrators! 

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