Choose Higher Consciousness Transmuting Sexual Energy Into Spiritual Service

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How To Choose Higher Consciousness

I choose who I am by my choice of associates. I am not satisfied with who I am right now and so I need new choices. I need to choose higher consciousness by transmuting sexual energy into spiritual service. Do I choose higher consciousness or do I choose automatic, animal instinctual behavior? Do I choose rational, thoughtful human behavior or do I choose spiritual behavior? I choose who to be exactly who I am by choosing who I am with. Man. Woman. Beast. Nature. God. Spirit. I choose to be pure consciousness . . .

Please Remind Me to Always Choose Consciousness . . . 

Ideally I transcend all of this good & evil, gay & straight, binary illusion and act from a compassionate, forgiving, divine non-dual nature. It all depends on if I have personally arrived at and experienced completed consciousness.

Am I emotionally and spiritually whole? Have I completed my sexual karma or am I still cruising some tawdry circus carnival looking for the freak show? The freak show is fine when you are twenty and sometimes we act like rutting animals when we are young. I was an animal in the gutter.

I remember when I was young I used to hang around with a sex fiend in Palm Springs who had open-heart surgery scars.  I said I will never be cruising the baths when I am that age or look like that. Now I have become that exact person except I woke up and have not actually been in a bath house with my heart attack surgery scars. Instead I make my gay sexual liaisons come to me.

Now I need to get behind all that and instead to just masturbate and choose higher consciousness. Now I just don’t do it with men every week or ten days like in the past. Now I write about it here for you to show you how I now say no to cruising gay sex resorts and yes to choosing higher consciousness.

The purpose of this article is to constantly remind myself to choose higher consciousness and not lower consciousness. I am rewriting my story with God in it.  

I no longer chose to scream and yell in public. I do a lot of core energetics screaming and yelling at home. Body work has helped me to become a completed and whole person. I have a need to emotionally express myself with sound. By chanting I get this out. Chanting is an important part of my personal spiritual practice.

Masturbation Can Be To Choose Higher Consciousness

Tantric masturbation uses visualization to create new neural pathways during the highly emotional state of sexual arousal. My sacred sexuality practice is influenced by sex magic as taught by Aleister Crowley. We male human beings have a lot of sexual energy that we need to work with to become whole and completed men. It has taken me decades to become sexual whole and complete.