Un-Transformed Transformation Teacher

Why would anyone pay a mediocre personality like unlicensed therapist Ann Bradney for something as dynamic as a Core Energetics certification program?  Ann has no qualifications or credentials and most importantly no heart or soul to hold herself out as a sex therapist.

ann bradney sex therapist

If R.A. welcomes multiple perspectives, is willing to be changed and always says yes, why did Ann kick Dr. Paul Allen out of her social club?  Ann is an exclusionary abuser of her power as a group facilitator.  Ann Bradney drove me straight into the arms of God. 

transformational principles


Ann advertises that she thrives on chaos and confusion and yet when Dr. Allen became a source of conflict in her RACE program she simply refused to allow him to continue his participation in her little social club.  Radical Aliveness Core Energetics is a social club not a transformational venue.  Prospective suckers seeking tranformation need to listen to Ann’s warbly weak tmj voice and ask themselves, is Ann an appropriate role model for successful living?  Does she have a boyfriend or a partner?  Can Ann Bradney demonstrate what she advertises?

transformation teacher

Touchy Feely Transformational Trends

The new trend in yoga workshops and seminars is to let the students do the work.  Everybody turn to the person next toyou and say: “You are a unique creation of God and you can manifest whatever-the-fuck you want.”  What these expensive workshops and certification programs really amount to is social venues.  I’m into it, everybody needs a hang-out.  Pay to play.  You have to be somewhere.  This is not a bad thing.  Better to buy into a yoga program that a professional sports franchise.  The point is everything is a “buy-in”, so just know that.  Call it what it is:  “Ann’s Clubhouse, No Shreks Allowed!” Ann Bradney and Guru Singh at Yoga West are just entrepreneurs marketing products to a specific demographic, to wit, “The Seeker”

suckers seeking transformation

Suckers Seeking Transformation

There is a sucker seeking transformation born every minute.  It is amazing to watch the suckers seeking transformation as they pass through transformation teacher Ann Bradney’s workshops.  I’m jealous, I should be making money doing this shit. I would teach people to transform themselves with God for free.

Transform With God

Get quiet, be still and meditate.  You don’t need to go pay Ann Bradney or Core Energetics for anything.  If you need a social venue, go to church, that’s what I do.  If you want a date go to Starbucks on Sunday morning and pick out a nice single person reading the paper alone.  When people are at Starbucks alone on Sunday morning it means they are open to meeting somebody new.  Forget Ann Bradney and Yoga West, go out and do-it-yourself, that’s what I do.