The Body of Christ

Christ Body Catholic Mystic 

Creating Catholic content for public relations is one way to bring Christ consciousness to the questioning teenager. Before you pull the trigger on that sex change surgery please first just go to God consciousness. The body comes after the mind. My mind and body wind down into eternity with this media message conforming your mind into mine. Blogging is totally creative. Are you really going to be a girl or a God?

christ bodyThe Christ Body Ritual of the Catholic Church has been born again inside my soul. The Christ Body thing has been with me my whole life. Now that I have my own God I have returned to the most vibrant spiritual community in the desert: The Catholic Church. Religion with a capital “R”.

Naked Christ Body

Standing on the steps of the old Our Lady of Lourdes Church in the early 1970’s I once said goodbye to the Church. I left for science, girls and guitars. Staying with science would have been a good choice. Instead I chose music major at Cal State Northridge. I was lost. I needed character building. My parental karma was to torture my parents for crimes they committed against my siblings and I both before and after we were born. My parents and siblings are both eternally atoning for karmic debts owed to me. I am collecting my karma in the form of my inheritance. My father passed three years ago. My siblings stole my inheritance. A probate court gave me back my inheritance plus damages. Now I am living frugally in the gay retirement mecca of Palm Springs, California.

christ bodySpiritual Adventure With the Christ Body

My new Christ Body thing is just one more stop on my spiritual adventure of life. Spiritual experience has been the focus of my existence. Now the dividends are paying off. My 60th birthday is in seven months and life is heavenly. I am in love with my friends and family like never before. However I really keep certain people at arm’s length.  Let’s take my best friend Kenny Reddick as an example.

Ken thinks he wants to move down here to Palm Springs because condominiums are only $80,000. I tried to convince him to just come down and rent but no. Kenny wants to buy.  So I just let him be right and I be happy.