At Play in the Fields of Consciousness

Christ Consciousness Energy Mist

Good Morning. Same old mysticism, brand new day as I am walking through the sprinklers in the park. Meditating my way through the Christ Consciousness energy mist I reconcile all of existence as the infinite Body of Christ. My life is totally off the grid and off of the matrix of mainstream society. I have surrendered completely to the spiritual world spread out before me in the eighty degree five a.m. desert paradise morning.

christ consciousness energy surrenderNecessity of Surrender

The human ego must be released in order for the God to come in. Human fetters must lovingly be let go with a soft and easy heart. Boyish pleasures and treasures stored in a melancholy cigar box of sensuality are put back in the closet. No German shepherd, lover or family responsibility at hand makes it easy to surrender to my beloved Christ Consciousness Energy Field.  It has taken me decades and a lifetime to attain this moment of spiritual bliss. The only work worth doing is working on yourself. Experiencing God Consciousness during meditation is one of the wisest investments I ever made in myself.


Birth School Work Death

This morning I finally created a new home page design that I really like for this Christ Consciousness Energy website: Birth School Work Death. The purpose of this article is to open up your mind to God consciousness as a mystical practice separate and apart from mainstream “spirituality.” Christ Consciousness is a way of being not a way of moralizing or commenting about other people. In my practice there is no “other”, there is only the eternal Body of Christ. The Christ in me recognizes the Christ in you. The beauty of this happening is when I hang out with my little Catholic tribe. There is no gay or homosexual in the Body of Christ, there is only the Body. There is only the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Took me years to get it right but thank God I finally did.


tumblr_o41vrhvIiw1th244jo1_400In Christ There is No Gay or Straight

Doesn’t it seem odd to self-identify in terms of your gross sexuality? I would rather self-identify as a celibate person than a sexual person. I think I would probably prefer to self-identify as a religious person rather than by my sexuality. I am going to start doing that the next time someone interrogates me on my sexuality. Hi my name is Dean and I am a meditator . . .