WHAT’S FOR SUPPER? The Pizza of Spirituality or the Cheeseburger of Religion?

New Biblical Research Indicates That The Christ Avatar Did Not Believe in Cheeseburgers

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Cheeseburger of Religion or Pizza of Spirituality? The Choice is Yours

When you finally eat from the gluten free anchovy pizza of Christ consciousness you become immune to religion and the red meat Velveeta cheeseburgers served at most churches. Jesus never went to church. The one time Jesus got close to church he got violent and tore the place up. Jesus did not believe in church and he never went to any special religious schools.

The only religion in the Bible actually comes under scrutiny from Jesus because bad thinking is bad religion. Are you getting the proper mental nutrition you need in the form of the pizza of life?

There is no theology or religion in the Bible because priests and books only get in the way of your personal pizza. The historical person named Jesus Nazareth ate from the pizza of Christ consciousness because he didn’t resonate with the hamburger of religion. God consciousness means you don’t like the religion of the Catholic Church because you prefer the spirituality of going straight to the pizza of God.

Jesus Nazareth, Martin Luther and Joel Goldsmith were allergic to the hamburgers served in the church cafeteria. These three troublemakers  all wanted the pizza of Christ consciousness and not the hamburger of religion.

Christ Consciousness is Like Delivering Your Own Pizza

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“Pizza Man!”

The human person named Jesus was trying to teach people how to properly exist in the here and now.

The purpose of life is to experience intimate communion with the source of life delivered in the form of pizza or God consciousness. You can order pizza from Jesus or yoga from Buddha depending upon your subjective evaluation of the two. Maybe you are a freak like me and you eat both. I practice yoga and then I eat gluten free pizza. Life’s a banquet you eat what you like and leave the rest for someone else, right?

The purpose of this article is to illustrate the difference between spirituality and religion. Jesus was not about a religion because religion is just a social economic power structure. Church can be a cool place to hang out but I don’t go to church for my pizza. I make my own gluten free pizza because I have allergies to religion. 

Religion is spirituality degenerated into into a bank account, accountants and a bottom line to meet. Religion is forced to make money to keep the lights on and the bills paid. Religion is then forced to make its own fake pizza and hire its own delivery drivers. I used to like religion when I was a kid but then I discovered spirituality and became my own pizza delivery man. 

When you order that next pizza remember to say: “Extra spirituality and hold the religion please.”

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