Qualities of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

What is a Christ Consciousness Teacher?

Spiritual giant Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) taught that Christian clairvoyance and Christ consciousness were developed through intuition, imagination and inspiration. A good Christ consciousness teacher can help you to reorganize your emotions into a spiritual framework. Denise Klein in Malibu helped me to develop a spiritual emotional system in which I found wholeness and completeness. Basically it all comes down to using my sensory system to become the manifestation and embodiment of humility, love and forgiveness. I learn to use my senses and emotions divinely. A lot of this is done through pure visualization. Visualization during prayer and mediation of a radiant mystical spiritual commune in the desert. My spiritual sensory system intuitively evolves out of me and becomes my archangel protecting me and glorifying me.

The job of the Christ consciousness teacher is to creatively use his sensory system to become the manifestation and embodiment of unconditional love. I hear myself say and write these words over and over but when will I ever really practice true unconditional love? Where is my humility? I am just a cheap spiritual spammer blogging into the akashic record, burning off a little karma here and there. This morning I thought of kissing Ann Bradney on her beige body from cornfed Illinois. Now suddenly I want to find a cool mainstream flavored Christian church in Palm Springs.

My spiritual emotional sensory system is overflowing and reaching out with love energy to touch your heart. I want to feel your feelings and fill your emptiness. I will act great and my flow will fulfill the gratefulness in the hearts of others.  

I no longer need to go to a church to get something. I need to go to give. I am just in kind of a lull because I have run out of spiritual steam with all of the Religious Science, Centers for Spiritual Living and other new thought churches down here. Religious Science is defunct or minimal in the desert. Riverside has some cool spiritual communities, maybe I will need to drive a few miles. I need spiritually robust enlightened desert Christian women. I need to bask in their warm energy. I need freaky new age Jewish women over age fifty, that’s why I love Agape. 

i call it solitude