White Light Holy Spirit With a Capital “R” for Religious Experience

Christ Consciousness Transcends Christ

Practicing the mystic Body of Christ Consciousness transcends any image or concept of Jesus of Nazareth. Christ consciousness transcends the concept of spirituality or business of religion. My personal practice of mystic Christ Consciousness Transcends even my relationship with the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

consciousness transcendsMystic Consciousness Gratitude Ritual 

Eucharist means grateful or thankful in Greek. The Catholic Christ-Mass is a Eucharistic Celebration of the eternal presence of Christ Consciousness in everything. The Mass is my experience of gratefulness of my oneness and identity as pure Christ consciousness. The eternal Christ presence becomes my body when I take the Body of Christ into my body at Mass and also occurs eternally everywhere. The Holy Sacraments are my personal connection to the constant practice of unified mystic Christ Consciousness.

Christians generally recognize a special presence of Christ in this rite, though they differ about exactly how, where, and when Christ is present. While all agree that there is no perceptible change in the elements, some believe that they actually become the body and blood of Christ, others believe the true body and blood of Christ are really present in, with, and under the bread and wine which remain physically unchanged, others believe in a real but purely spiritual presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and still others take the act to be only a symbolic reenactment of the Last Supper. Some Protestantsview the Eucharist as an ordinance in which the ceremony is seen not as a specific channel of divine grace, but as an expression of faith and of obedience to Christ.

christ consciousness transcends Christ Consciousness Transcends and Unifies Religion

Never in my wildest spiritual imaginings did I see myself as a fervently practicing Roman Catholic at age sixty. I was simply looking for a way to be of service. I usually only attend Mass three or four times a year, mainly on Holy Days. I was bored with the American New Thought Religious Science Abraham Hicks Prosperity Manifesting Storefront Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in Palm Springs. I started attending Mass at Our Lady of Solitude. The weekly bulletin was asking for volunteer Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers and so I signed up. I reasoned that I had my God and was not expecting to be hit by a blinding white light religious experience.  

church apologyThe Church Has Apologized to Me and the World

The Pope said that the Church owed an apology to homosexuals. That is good enough for me. I self-identify as a chase man of God who may want to emotionally and physically create intimate bonds with men or women. The Holy Spirit released me from my obsessive compulsive forays into the commercial recreational gay sex scene in Palm Springs. I am open to love and commitment only. The Holy Spirit has healed me of things I was asking to be healed of.  Everything is making sense in my life now.