Holy Spirit Meditation

Christ Holy Spirit

I’m having a brand new experience with the Christ Holy Spirit and the Eucharistic Celebration of Catholic Mass. My earth school mother has been reborn as a kundalini tantrika mother.

In my youth my Mexican mother tortured me with her superficial genuflection to the Catholic Church she hated. Her entire life my mother angrily tried to use superficial external techniques to fill her inner hunger for sex and love. Mom was so wrapped up in herself that she couldn’t breastfeed her babies because she was all dried up. She taught me how to overcompensate with rational thought and superficial stylistic techniques. I had to go out and find my own God so I could authentically experience the Catholic Church. Along the way I healed and adopted my mother Alice Toledo as my new holy tantrika mother: 


christ holy spirit


Holy Spirit Is My Real Mother

Mom used to always tease me by telling me I was adopted when I was a child. It really tore me up as a kid but now I see she was right. My mother wasn’t telling me I was adopted to see me in pain, she was telling me I was adopted because it is true. I was born to a kundalini tantric Goddess of pure sexual energy and consciousness.

As a result I received an invaluable Catholic education and brainful of empty ritual and dogma. Now in my old age my Catholic credentials are coming back to serve me well. the Church likes educational diplomas and certificates. The Church will help you plug right into your local community in a socially and spiritually rewarding manner.

Serving the Christ Holy Spirit by serving the Church is my new spiritual bliss. I haven’t told anyone at Our Lady of Solitude about my Kundalini yoga and meditation practice because it in no way affects my Christ consciousness. In fact I experience Christ consciousness on a deeper level thanks to my yoga practice.

Holy Spirit Meditation

Walking through the desert the Body of Christ growing inside me creates a bigger vessel for the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is spontaneously flowing from me. Source, cosmic consciousness, Holy Spirit. This new Christ tripping is my reward for years of devotion. My devotion to Christ is paying off as a result of my devotion to many paths leading to God. Christ consciousness is my life.

christ holy spiritCSUN Holy Spirit

When I was a freshman at CSUN a blue-eyed blond bearded twenty-old Saint named Larry Fish from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley gave me a copy of “The Word,” a modern translation of the Bible.  A protestant was born on that day. Protestant Buddhist Tantric.

Holy Spirit Communication

The Holy Spirit is explaining everything to me as I count the days until I officially turn 59-1/2 years old and can begin frugally living off of my retirement accounts. Then in a little over six months when I turn sixty years old my second tier retirement opens up. The Holy Spirit is taking me there. Blog early and blog often for the Christ Holy Spirit. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean over educated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.