What Does Your Soul Look Like?

Christ Meditation 4th of July Weekend

My Christ meditation purification is keeping me sane in the middle of this Palm Springs 4th of July Weekend 2016. Bears are roaming my house and so I have moved my office into my bedroom. The only time I spend non-sleep time in my bedroom is when we have visitors in our desert villa. It is amazing how many men are coming to the desert when it is going to be 116 degrees at 3:00 p.m.  I will be briefing my equitable estoppel cases and drinking coffee doing my legal research and Christ meditation.

Max 4skull cool

My father was born on the 4th of July and he openly hated religion. My mother was estranged from the Catholic Church for marrying a non-believer. Now that they have both been gone for years I am practicing the Catholic Religion and having an authentic Body of Christ experience. I also practice kundalini yoga and mystical Christ mind meditation.

Lowering the Volume of My Voice

I need a personal voice volume meter application for my iPhone. I am changing my voice and changing my life by lowering my volume. I’m having a reinvention rebirthing thing going on. My sexologist Dr. McDuff and former partner is coming down to the desert with his new negro boyfriend this weekend. I was hoping McDuff could stay at my villa. Unfortunately my landlord and his friend take up master suite and guest bedroom. Fortunately I have my bedroom/study to retreat to. I just turned the thermostat down to 73 degrees. Last night I overheard the house chatter talking about wasting time on Facebook. This is what I do instead of post on Facebook. I write these blogs on Christ meditation mind.

What does your soul look like? Who are you? What was your lesson learned in this lifetime of learning? Meaning and fulfillment are all that matter at the end of the day.

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