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White Mass

christ consciousnessChrist Mind

I have finally reached age fifty-nine and one-half years of age and can access my retirement investment portfolio and other magnificent resources that have just now become available to me. I am living in the senior citizen higher consciousness resort mecca of Palm Springs, California.  I have the time and money to do whatever I want and I have become the mystical Body of Christ Mind.

The Holy Spirit now prevents me from jumping off into the oasis of homosexual promiscuity right outside my door. I am having a Christ Mind experience as the Body of Christ by practicing the Catholic Celebration of the Eucharist.  The world outside is dancing to Johnny Depp playing James Whitey Bulger in Black Mass. I am celebrating White Mass in the white hot desert with my brown androgynous kundalini yoga body. The tantrika cactus flower is opening into full bloom as perfected Christ Mind. 

anal energy fieldWhite Mind

The purpose of this blog is to point out the vitality of the White Mass in the desert as opposed to every other body of believers. The Catholic Church is hot vital blood compared to Religious Science these days. At least I know the Catholic Church is not going to change the name of the religion like the Centers for Spiritual Living did with Religious Science a few years ago.

The Mass is everyday mysticism at many different levels. Just like the Bible works on many different levels. The Bible can be learning material for five year-olds or Protestant mysticism. The Catholic ritual can be rather remote and meaningless for a five-year old. However the mysticism of the body of Christ is working perfectly for me now at age fifty-nine.

The Catholic Mass is universal everyday mysticism. It takes years to understand the mystery. It took me fifty years of Catholic practice to finally experience the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as I am right here right now.

tumblr_nndm4j0MO41rnwo2vo1_500Ghost Mind

My entire life the Christ Mind has been conscious in me. Thirteen years ago I got down on my knees and prayed Hail Mary on Tobacco Road in Tujunga, CA. A few months later God struck me sober in Malibu. My German shepherd Dharma was a witness. Now my life of prayer and contemplation has led me to the body mind of Christ. First I practiced Christ Mind with Ernest Holmes and now I practice Christ Body Mind within the aegis of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Mediator Mind

A psychic in Malibu told me I would be a mediator. Media. Meditate. Masturbate. I mediate your relationship between sexuality and spirituality. The body mind becomes perfected. My meditation teacher Joel Goldsmith never got the body part. Joel only teaches Christ Mind. Now I have integrated the Body of Christ into my kundalini yoga practice.