Let the Shaman Begin: WELCOME TO AGAPE!

Christ Service Community Consciousness

christ community service
Welcome to Agape!

This blog is a spontaneous rant for Rev. Mickey Beckwith and the Christ Service Community. Christ service is a return to perfected thinking and baseline consciousness. Out here in Palm Springs I’m having a Christ service community yoga kundalini experience in the hot blood of the California desert. Agape contacted me about a job I applied for nine months ago. I love Agape and the whole African Gay World Beat Christ Service Community. 

christ service community
MC JaySee At ‘Cho Muthafuckin’ Service Bitch!

Route 666 is paved with the Mad Max Charlie Manson sun buggy epic written by Mike Ashton in 1976. Bleached celluloid pop tunes written on an acoustic guitar in open D tuning. Glenn Frey and David Bowie walking to the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip of Memory Lane in the form of Tribute Bands.

Christ Eskimo Shaman

Tribe of Israel your peaceful warrior hath cometh. Submit to his radical love now. Calling you through eternity with aggregate reality messaging systems not yet invented by Steve Jobs illegitimate son Justin Eskimo. An eskimo is a euphemism for your personal savior who ventures out into the blizzard of life to rescue you from ten thousand unnamable varieties of snow.

Click with them now online or take a bus to Alaska. Find nirvana with the Christ Shamen Angakkuq dancing madly backwards in the howling moonlight.

Both women and men could become an Angakkuq,[7]although it was more rare for women to do so. The process for becoming an Angakkuq varied widely. The son of a current Angakkuq might be trained by his father to become one as well. Alternatively, a young man or woman who exhibited a predilection or power that made them stand out might be trained by an experienced mentor. There are also instances of Angakkuit claiming to have been called to the role through dreams or visions.[8] Mistreated orphans or people who had survived hard times might also become Angakkuit with the help of the spirits of their dead loved ones.[3]

Native American Christ Naturist

Indians are mostly like Asians they don’t mix outside of their tribe. Except for me because I have that Mestizo thing going on. Mestizo libido supremo. Floating high above the asphalt of commercial television and mainstream pop culture. Burning the way to cosmic liberation. Indians stick to themselves and the Mockingbirds of Commercial Metal hipsters and rock climbers with their recording studios in Joshua Tree. 

christ superanEmbodiment of perfected Christ consciousness strolling through the Quiet Mind Bookstore in the Village of Agape. Joel Goldsmith was waiting there to rescue me from the Christian Religion so I could go down the street and practice Shakti Religion. Shakti is Goddess worship. Visualizing reality through the Goddess paradigm. Visualizing energy as feminine and consciousness as masculine. Christ service community public relations propaganda: You are universal consciousness having an experience of holy communion with the body of Christ. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.