What Are You Hiding When You Point the Finger at Others?

Christian Morality Cop? 

I used to think that being a Christian meant that you went around talking about Jesus. Wrong answer. Today there really isn’t any such thing as “being” a Christian. Christian is a label just like gay or rock and roll. Today people talk practicing Christ Consciousness. Anybody can run around calling themselves a Christian. Practicing God Consciousness requires hard work and responsibility. Projecting your own self-hatred onto others is easy. 

Unconditional Love or Self-Righteousness? 

My experience of unconditional love and forgiveness has set me free. I am in the middle of a war and I bear my cross with love and gratitude. I am free to love God and man. I have major battles and am living on the front lines of fire and ice. I have become emotionally healthy and resilient in the face of conflict. Yoga, meditation and Christ Consciousness are the key. This website is my service to the world. I have nothing to hide.

christian rockAre You an Easily Offended Christian?

Who can I learn to better love today? I need to better love African ministers and Online Christians who denigrate homosexuals in words and letters. Civil disobedience by breast feeding in front of the hypocrites is what we need. We live in a pornographic culture where making money making multimedia violence is more acceptable than the naked divine feminine and masculine forms.  I will live with the beauty of the form that I choose. I make my own reality. Learn to have a bigger Christ. Christ happens inside your own consciousness or Christ happens nowhere. Wake up to your consciousness not your moral posturings. What are you hiding?

If you are running around bashing gay people and calling yourself a “holier-than-thou” Christian people are not going to buy it. They will know that you are hiding something. Drop the rock of  your worn out story and become fresh and clean in the Holy Spirit. Gay people are not going away. Homosexuals only get stronger the more you fight them. What you resist persists. In a way I have been forced to be an in-your-face man who has sex with other men getting in your face. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.