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DESERT MYSTIC LIFESTYLE: My Own Personal Cosmic Consciousness

Create Cosmic Christmas Christ Consciousness


Merry Christmas Christ Consciousness as I create the New Naked Church of Palm Springs. This all came out of my meditation and yoga practice that I have spent years developing. It includes full pranayama ujjayi breathing. One breath, one movement, meditation in motion. The breath is a reflection of out consciousness and I have a personal breathing practice with my hatha yoga asanas. Breath in, breath out. Meditate in, meditate out.  


Breathing in I relax my body,cosmic christ consciousness
breathing out I relax my mind. 

                          -Lao Tzu


While practicing outdoor nude yoga in the bright desert sun I have decided to take my spiritual practice to the next level and totally reinvent my lifestyle. I will practice being awake and aware at all times. Even now. Right here right now in this present moment this present mind I rededicate my life to unconditional love and forgiveness.  

I am a sensual relationship junkie in withdrawal from sexual relationships. I don’t want to use my sexual energy to just rebound into another hot and torrid love affair. I want to use my sexual/spiritual tool kit to reinvent a new liberated mystic lifestyle in the desert. I am practicing this as my gift to myself and my gift to you. I am going to create a new Cosmic Consciousness Lifestyle in Palm Springs. 

gay christ consciousnessTake a moment and ask yourself, what does Christmas mean for you personally? Forget about everything you know or have been told about three wise guys giving gifts to some Jewish kid born in a barn 2,000 years ago. Personally I love the lights of the season. I actually get off on Christmas decorations.

But forget about all the decorations and gift giving advertising and materialism of the holiday season as pop culture sells it. I am talking about an alternative personal spiritual lifestyle that probably 1,000 people on this planet are aware of. I am praying and meditating a way of clean, in the now-moment thinking. Clear, open and honest. I observe myself having these very thoughts. I am practicing witness awareness. I am a witness watching myself. 

For me personally Christ consciousness is about a way of thinking. I am meditating in the desert on December 1st and celebrating the way of Christ thinking. My foundation for this way of thinking comes through my meditation teacher Joel S. Goldsmith, who passed on in 1964 and lives on through YouTube posts of his old reel to reel tape recordings of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Goldsmith does not believe in organized religion and instead teaches that meditation is the doorway to the spiritual realm.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within

I also belong to brick and mortar spiritual communities through various Religious Science churches. Being part of a spiritual community greatly accelerates lifestyle development. The Religious Science Church here in Palm Springs has been renamed the Center for Spiritual Living, as have all RS churches. This Sunday of the Second Sunday of Advent I will listen to a meditation and dharma talk by Rev. Michael Beckwith by live streaming Agape and then at 10:00 a.m. I will lifestyle on down to the RS Church on Racquet Club Road. I will also be at the RS Church here in PS for their Wednesday Evening 6:30 p.m. service to buff the finish on my new desert lifestyle. 


On the first Sunday of Advent two days ago I went to St. Paul’s in the Desert to check it out for my first time. That will probably be my first and last visit to St. Paul’s. I have my personal mystical Christmas Christ Consciousness beliefs and am looking to create a spiritual mystical Christian lifestyle in the desert. This post is to celebrate the Advent of Christmas Christ Consciousness as my new lifestyle in the desert 2015. 

Find a Center for Spiritual Living, Religious Science or Joel S. Goldsmith tape study group near you. These resources exist everywhere. Goldsmith himself would have embraced YouTube technology because Goldsmith taught “remote access”. Goldsmith taught that it was all spiritual, no physical presence required. This blog is dedicated to the Advent of Christmas Christ Consciousness in 2015.



ad·vent ˈ- adˌvent/ noun 
  1. the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.
    “the advent of television”
    • the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.
    • mystical law: becoming Christ consciousness. 



What is Christmas Christ Consciousness?


Christ Consciousness is the demonstration of the qualities of Christ such as unconditional love and forgiveness.  Christ Consciousness is also known by the names Buddha Mind, Universal Consciousness, etc. The real quality of this type of consciousness cannot be named because the real thing is not finite. God consciousness is infinite. Only by quieting the mind and surrendering to the cosmic void of the universe can this level of mind be attained. This December 2015 I am creating my own personal Christmas Christ Consciousness sanctuary in Palm Springs. I’m renting a fully furnished room in a Jewish owned condominium with absentee landlords. I have the place mostly to myself and so I keep it really quiet. Lots of yoga and meditation going on here. Lots of quietly meditating into cosmic Christ Consciousness. There are no Christmas lights to dig out of the attic or I would in fact do that. I like lights and I like lighting the desert. The Palm Springs Festival of Lights is this Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 5:45 and I will be there. I have not been to any other parades this year however I will attend any parade celebrating the Advent of Christmas Christ Consciousness.  

cosmic yogi christ consciousnessThere are many sensual venues in Palm Springs that make remembrance of Christmas Christ Consciousness very important. My personal practice is very esoteric because it incorporates elements such as nudity, sexuality and whole lifestyle and integrates them into a modern mystic lifestyle. I practice intimacy with Christ and intimacy in my personal life. 

Christ Consciousness becomes my skill set. Christmas Christ Consciousness becomes my opportunity and sensual partner. A man of my nature needs to always remember to place Christ Consciousness at the center of my work and pleasure day. I am meditating Christ Consciousness during yoga. I am looking for Christ not a sex partner anymore. I have come to the desert to cleanse my consciousness and realize this.  Writing this blog gives me the opportunity to listen to the Mystic Law tape at the top of this blog. Christmas Christ Consciousness is the only thing there is for me now. Mysticism is self-completeness in God. There is no demonstrating in mysticism there is only being. One does not demonstrate Christ Consciousness one becomes it. 

It is time for me to really be Christ consciousness. Last night I caught myself totally wasting my consciousness on cable TV. I think I may have even accidentally ordered a pay video on demand on my landlord’s Time-Warner account. I just turned the TV off. Cable TV with it’s commercial advertisements is a consciousness killer.  The previous night I wasted my brain watching a Run All Night, a well made Liam Neeson and Ed Harris movie with typical meaningless violence for a script. I am writing this article as a re-commitment to study Joel S. Goldsmith and practice mysticism in the Palm Springs desert.

The condo I am renting was chosen by landlord for the practice of nudism. I am a nude mystic in the desert. I am reinventing myself and my lifestyle. I am a lifestyle creator. I have had many different lifestyles. Being a lifestyle writer means writing in a unique if not iconoclastic voice. I am making a lateral career move from legal researcher and writer to lifestyle researcher and writer. I am actually a lifestyle originator.

Tomorrow will be the one week anniversary of me being in this condo and I will celebrate by taking some photographs. I will take photos to promote my lifestyle creation thinking. My lifestyle creation business. My landlord wants me to take him by the hand and teach him how to be a sexy desert persona. I told him he has to pay me.